The Three Kings


There once a king in a distance land, who had strength, wealth, and wisdom. He used these powers to befits his people and bring prosperity across his kingdom, creating a paradise like none before. Many years had passed since then and he was now an old man. He knew that his time would soon come but, did not choose who would be his heir to his kingdom for he was blessed with three sons. Each one of them inherited one the the things he had, his first was strong and brave, his second son was good with money and knew how to properly use it, and his third son was wise and humble. He did not know which of them to choose as to let one be on the throne and rule, but he knew that if only one of them ruled there would a great imbalance to the kingdom. He pondered this thought for a long time thinking who would be the best to rule. Then one day it came to him, why not all three could rule.   With that idea in mind, he called his sons and told them of this plan of his, at first it thought of it a sheer madness. But then the third son realized what his father was doing and managed to convince his brothers that it would benefit the three of them. With each son ruling through their area of expertise they did not have to worry about doing the things they were not good at. The king was happy knowing that his kingdom and people were in good hands of his sons. The final years of the king were peaceful and soon he passed on to the afterlife. From that day forth three king would rule the kingdom and it would prosper.   The sons titles of king would change as well as, the first son would be known as the King of Strength, the second son would known as the King of Wealth, and the third son would be known as the King of Wisdom. Each one made sure to use their power to ensure prosperity came to their people. The brothers were close to one another so they would consult with one another when they need to in time of need. The people love their king as the kingdom became much greater then ever before and their lives greatly improved. But the brothers knew that each one had to groom an heir to ensure that kingship was ensured to keep the kingdom prospering. For many generations the three kings create a kingdom that thrived from their rule. But nothing is ever mean't to last forever.   Then one day, the last King of Wisdom died and had no heirs to hold his throne, leaving only two king left to rule the land. After a few more generations passed, the two kings lost their way and ventured forth onto a darker path. the Kings of Strength became the Kings of Wrath and the Kings of Wealth became the Kings of Greed. The land suffered and so did the people as personal gain was all that mattered to them. Soon enough they waged war one another until the King of Wrath remained. He lead a life of cruelty and war across his land in his lust for power and much of what was achieved was lost to his madness. But from this chaos arrived a savoir appeared out of thin air.   This man was wise and clever as if he was a King of Wisdom. He saw that the land and the people suffered as the King of Wrath ruled the land. He gained the support of the people and rose up to do battle with the King of Wrath! Though the King of Wrath was powerful, he was also arrogant and prideful allowing hero to best him at ever turn. After much and bloodshed and sacrifice the final battle came between him and the hero. The duel between them was fierce, but the hero use the King of Wrath's own arrogance against him. He tricked him and in doing so defeated him and slayed him in battle. The last of the three kings were gone and in its place a new king rose from the ashes. The hero became king at the behest of the people and he would be wise and just king who had wealth and power as well. But when he finally had children of his own, he each taught them to become wise above all else. For a world without wisdom is a world that is forever lost in chaos and darkness.

Historical Basis

It is possible that the kingdom that was spoken of existed a long time ago, with many believing it was a kingdom known as Judlan. But that kingdom fell a long time ago during the Night War and much of its history lost with. But many people believe that it is true in some ways. Along with some them believing in the Legacy of Kings believing that if one of them are found, great power can be achieved with them.


It is highly known throughout the western lands on the Continent of Kinath and with some knowledge it in the eastern lands as well.

Cultural Reception

Many people both common and noble find this story both tragic and hopeful. As with great rulers prosperity can be achieved and it can also come crumpling down if the wrong one is chosen to lead. But to those who realize the moral of the story, is that wisdom is far more important then anything else and can bring the world into a better place.

In Literature

There was a old book that was found long ago the contained many stories, along with the Three Kings. It was simply known as the Book of the Lost.
Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
2000 years ago
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