The Spirit and Flame

Divine Domains

Purity, Justice, Fire, Life, Devotion, Hope, Compassion, Protection, Health, Love, Truth, Virtue

Holy Books & Codes

  • The Scripts of the Prophets
  • The Tome of Spirit and Fire
  • The Sacred texts of Eron

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  • A flame with a hand in the center
  • A Dove on fire
  • A Flaming sword

Tenets of Faith

  • Thou shall not let the wicked inherit the earth and strike them down with righteous fury.
  • Thou shall not turn the other cheek when sin has been unleashed.
    • The flame is life, it brings warmth and nourishment and cleans the soul of sin.
    • The Spirit will guild all those how follow me to my side and live in my kingdom.
    • Let not temptation and desire led you on the path of damnation.
    • Let it be know to all that all creatures of darkness and their followers have no place in the lands of my people.
    • Though shall not let fear overcome thy self in the face of evil.
    • Let not anger cloud one judgement for it will hide the truth that is right in front of you.
    • Give to those who are less fortunate than you.
    • Those who have unyielding faith shall find hope in the darkest of time.
    • No crime shall go unpunished no matter how great that person may be.
    • Let those speak their prayer so I may hear them in their hour of need.


    • Holy Mass
    • Festival of the Flame
    • Trails of Devotion
    • Day of the Spirit

    Divine Goals & Aspirations

    To bring peace to the world and cleans it of sin and wickedness.
    Divine Classification
    Current Location
    Divine Heavens
    Divine Heavens


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