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Shadow Magic

The brighter the light, the greater the shadow that it casts - Unknown
  Shadow magic is born from the darkness as it swallows all light that it touches. Those who use it favor stealth and deception as their key power as they watch from afar while playing their little games. They have forsaken the light in search of power in the darkness where untold things lie hidden away from all to see. Xejor the god of shadows granted this power upon mortals, but its true power lies in his father Vulga'dume who cover everything in the darkness where he can. For once someone fully gives into using Shadow magic will find themselves much closer to his grasp to take command of them.


Art of Darkness

  Shadow magic is one of the more potent forms of dark magic due to the ability to harness darkness and shadows to obey them. Considering it can be found everywhere, the user would have no problem using it when they have to. However, this drawback is that the magic is only as strong as the darkness that powers it. If something like light magic or a vital light source were to be in the area at the time, then it would weaken the magic significantly. Its why it is magic that is preferred to use in indirect ways and away from open conflict. Here is where the spell is most potent, as it is for those who like to lurk in the shadows that serve them and confuse their enemies.  

Inner Corruption

  There has always been a debate on whether or not shadow magic is primordial magic or dark magic due to it being a part of the elements. But a strong reason that it is in the dark arts is that primordial magic does not alter or corrupt one's form into something else. Shadow magic does just that as the magic itself feeds upon the user and slowly turns them into something else. The alterations could take years or even decades to show unless dealing with heavy use of the magic, but in the end, they become a literal shadow of their former self. Whatever made them will be stripped away and replaced with a dark aura that will make them despise the light as an actual enemy.  

One with the Shadows

  Very few forms of magic have a solid connection to their user, and shadow magic takes that a bit too far in this case. Using it is to become a part of the shadows they are controlling. That is why it considers dangerous to use it as there is a slight chance that they might never return as the darkness may consume them. Though it doesn't matter if they managed to use it without incident, it will claim them as they become merged shadows that once served them. Becoming an unrecognizable creature as all they once were will vanish, leaving only the darkness that remains. While some can stave off their transformation, it is only a matter of time before they welcome it. Those finally change go by many names, but the most preferred one used most often is that of Shadow Spawn, and they are creatures that are horrifying to see. In the meantime, its abilities to capture things with it or use it to create weapons of fight or tools to help them get to places where others can't make it harm to deal with such individuals.


Limitless Power

  Those who use shadow magic will often have no trouble when it comes to maintaining its power as it feeds on darkness itself. Allowing the user to be capable of doing many things as long as they can control them and not overwhelm themselves with them. It is far more dangerous for anyone facing someone with this type of magic as they can hide in the darkness around them and attack with no one being able to find them. But that is also its weakness as well as they are vulnerable if they are unable to feed on darkness as the light will drive it away. When this happens, they will often try to use any shadows cast in the morning but are much weaker with the light shown on them. To avoid this, users will often make it as dark as possible to ensure that the odds favor them.
Metaphysical, Arcane

Areas of Interest

  Perception: Considering what shadow magic is, a way to deceive those around them, creating illusions in ways that might look real when they are not. Through deception, this magic can flourish under the right conditions, with all those around them having difficulty understanding what is real or not. Causing paranoia and insanity the more it is placed on someone as its dark influence brings torment to all those who stand against it.   Stealth: To be one with the shadows allows those to stay hidden by even the keenest around. Allowing them to move without the fear of being seen or making a sound as none will know that they are even there, As if they were a ghost or not even there to do what they want without interruption. Making it difficult for anyone to find them unless they want to. Though it often requires focus, there is a limit to how long it can last as the darkness that a user hides intends to have a mind of its own. It has a ravenous hunger, waiting to consume anything in its reach.   Area: Shadow magic relies on the amount of darkness around it. By feeding on it, its power will never falter or waiver when in use. But it can be weakened if there is too much light. It is why dark areas a preferable when using magic for maximum effect. Though caution is necessary when using the shadows, their nature will often cause problems to even those using them.   Alteration: Darkness corrupts and destroys whatever it touches. Shadow magic causes changes to its users and those who inflict their magic on them. Creating a twisted form of darkness that will despise all things near it. Its caster can use it to create objects with darkness utilized. Even consuming them or others makes them disappear with no way of escaping. Even using them to attack and defend by allowing them to feed on those they fight and creating a somewhat sentient living weapon at one's command.


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