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They say it is were all of the Humans came from during before the they came to our homeland, before they became greed and cruel. But I all my time that I spent with their ancestors they always avoid the question of why they left in the first place. As if the very name spoken would be a curse to those who said it - Fenral Silvermoon, High Elf scholar
  Oran, an island shrouded in mystery and often never spoken about at all. When ever its is mentioned though, even the most crowed of taverns stop what their doing and stare at those who speak it as if it was a cursed cast on them all. No sailor who has sailed the world would ever go to such as place, let alone go near it. Those who do go near the place for money of just curiosity are often never seen of heard from again. Often making it a place where no one will go to let alone set foot on the island.


Not much is known about the island, only that it is mostly from forest, thanks to spy glasses used by ships that are passing through at a good distance away from it. It also appears to be surrounded by fog and seems to go for miles around.
Alternative Name(s)
The motherland, the island


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