Obumbratio Ortis

Death's shadow always lingers


It is highly unkown how they are organized since their actions are often kept in the dark and are known by only a few people.

Public Agenda

Follow our tasks and eliminate our targets that are given to us.


That information is classified.


The dark origins of this dark group of assassins starts with the reign Brutus III or his more well known name, Brutus the Shadow. Lets just say he was not a man that you would want to cross. But soon enough people had enough of sacrilegious rule and many spoke out against him. Fear that a civil war would soon start if he did not interfere, he wanted them all silenced permanently, put to avoid suspicion he wanted to look like some one else killed them. He would hire the best assassins in the land and have them train soldiers that were only loyal to him. A time progressed and their training was complete a band of killers were only known as the Obumbratio Ortis and that name would cast a long shadow to all who heard it. So people began pop up death all over the empire and no one knew who did it, they came without warning and left just as they arrived. There were no witnesses and there were no survivors. But soon enough the rest of House Aurelius knew what Brutus had done and in time he was killed for it. Only his assassins would remain and they would be used by them and them only. They would used when it was deemed necessary and they would only be summoned through a majority vote of house only. To have one individual alone to control them would be consider a act of madness and would lead to a killing spree that would make people fear their very own shadows as if they were going to kill them. No matter when and were their target would be, they always manage to get to them before anyone could realize it and they rarely failed to do so. This would go on and on for centuries as one by one the enemies of the empire and House Aurelius fell one by one. Even today, as all known who control them dare not speak their in fear of summoning and meeting a grisly death and untimely demise. But of course new laws have been placed by the Imperial Senate to have a say in using them since that type of power alone should be used by them only. But that doesn't mean that are aren't being used behind their back. Especially since they don't like being order around by those not of Aurelius' bloodline. Lets just say that the last time that happen, it was difficult cleaning up the mess that was made. All they will do is watch and wait for their commands to be giving and go out for their kill' in.

vos can adepto a non est umbra (You can never get away from a shadow)

Founding Date
Secret, Military
Alternative Names
The silent ones, The Shadows of Aurelius
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
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