Mr. Crow

Oh here comes Mr. Crow digging through the trash, looking for his next meal. But when he sees a boy or girl he'll snatch them up and throw them in his stew. - Mr. Crow's Song


Children are often told that they have to throw away the garbage in the garbage pit away from the house, but those who refuse to do so will be told the Mr. Crow will come around and have them instead. Often taking them away and putting them in his stew to eat. Their bones will then be used for his furniture in his lair. He often follows his crows as they search for food across the country side.  

Children Age

It is often told to young children since they are often trouble makers and stubborn. Some even waste food and refuse to eat it if they are picky.  
  • Real Dangers
Though children do not realize it, their are dangers in leaving garbage near the house, animals will come near it and the far bigger ones might actual break it for fresh food, even people is they are around. It also brings rats that spread disease as they look for food and will infest a home if they feel like it. Wasting food can also mean life and death as well as a harvest can go bad at anytime and many will starve better to have something in your belly then nothing at all.

Historical Basis

Most believe that Mr. Crow was based of the plague doctors of the White Death who only came when disease common and always knew were to go because of the crows they followed. The mask that he is said to similar to a plague doctor as well.


It is most told in several different region in Ardania often by those who live in the countryside and forested areas.

Variations & Mutation

Mr. Crow is altered in different ways with some versions are a giant crow to carry children off, more Human showing a present threat about dealing with strangers and a hybrid of both to show that monsters are real in the world.

Cultural Reception

Most Ardanians consider him a cautionary tale of what happens when you don't dispose of trash properly and the consequences of it, by telling children at a young age they will understand the importance as they grow and once they out grow Mr. Crow being real, they will be willing to do it.
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