Mapvember 2022

Here are my maps for Mapvember  

2. Cavern

The caverns of The Deep have many wonders and horrors for those who find themselves in them.  

4. Gauntlet

The arenas of the empire are famous for their Gladiatorial Games and sports being a gauntlet of skill and struggle where only the best can survive in.  

5. Shield 6. Dock

Sea gates have always been the shields of harbors to protect their docks from sea monsters and enemy ships.  

9. Palace 28. Spice

  Many of the old palaces of the Eastern Lands that exist have some of the finest artistic designs dating back centuries, and their wealth residents pay significant amounts of wealth to collect delicacies and spices to improve their meals.  

Anchor 7. Sea 8. Island 17.

Most people who see a skull anchor know to steer clear since they are about to enter the Lawless Isles, but they have another meaning to them as caches to grab supplies and hide them.  

3. Crypt 11. Dragon 20. Egg

Many holdings fell to the Dragons when before they went extinct. But legends tell of some of their eggs that are still preserved and awaiting to hatch to spread their terror once more. Even in the oldest crypts, one might find one if they seek out a dragon's treasure hoard.  

12. Ruins 24. Abandoned

  Since the War of the Raptors, many forts across Ardania have been abandoned and left in ruins as resources cannot be given to sustain them.  

13. Maw 14. Maze 21. Abomination 25. Demon

  Some places in Norria are said to still hold the dark presence of the Warlock Lords and the dark powers they had unleashed onto the land filled with demons and other dark abominations they had created.  

16. Nebula

The Nightmare Nebula is said to be one place no starship dares to travel to as it is said to be cursed, and all that enter it never return.  

1. Crater 18. Mine, 19. Crystal

  A long time ago, a star fell from the heavens and landed deep within the heart of the Dark Continent, leaving a massive creator filled with rare crystals that held great power to anyone who gained procession of them.  

10. Cemetery 22. Corrupted 23. Undead


15. Pool 26. Sand 27. Haven

  An oasis is a haven for the many tribes that live deep in the desert, as their water gives life to all residing here.  

29. Harvest 30. Garden

  Many farmers have gardens to sell herbs when crop yields cannot make payments to keep them afloat.


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