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Imperial Standards

To hold the Standard of our legion is one of the greatest honors one can achieve in the legion, even more so than the rank of a Legatus. For those who hold the standard shall hold the weight its significance to inspire the legion and to honor the generation that came before us - Centurion

Sacred Relics

  For every legion that exists in the Vatian Empire the standards that represent their legion. Standards of the empire are not just to show off their military might, they also are symbols of a religious notion as if legions were a part of their religion. Though this is something that is a part of the military traditions that the legions carry out. Many of these standards date back centuries and even millennia depending on how old a legion is. Becoming symbols of morale and inspiration to allow its legions to fight on no matter how grave the situation is. It also aided in giving commanded during battle to ensure that tactics and commands were used properly. With dozens of standards existing in a legion to be used in battle and inspire all who are near them. But with every legion comes a standard that is higher than all the rest and that's the Founder's Standard, the first standard created when a legion is formed. Each one is designed differently to represent foundations a legion was founded upon to be carried out into battle. Every one of these standards is made from pure gold, often being forged from the riches and even crowns of fallen enemies as a display of a legion's might.   Each of these standards is given to a standard-bearer or a signifier to be carried into battle with the Founder's Standard being held by a signifier known as Condinotes or Founder's Bearer to carry into battle. Each one of these signifiers is often found at the head of the formation or near it to carry the glory of the legion with them and inspire them. Those who carry them are forbidden to fight as long as carrying the standard to ensure that can carry out commands with them often only having a shield to protect themselves with. As long as these standards remain in the procession of its legions, they will continue to fight on no matter how dark it may seem for them. When they are not used in battle they are all kept in the center of camp and guarded regularly to ensure they were safe. Legionnaires would often come to these standards and pray to them as if they were going into a temple to ensure that they do their duty and fight on in the name of the legion.  

Keepers of Law

  The Imperial Standards also hold another purpose other than being carried into battle, they are used to ensure that law and order are kept in legion. Whenever a standard was present in front of Legionnaires, especially those who were part of that standards unit they would stand at attention and stop what they were doing to honor it with a salute. They were also used in the pledges of oaths and the promotion of an officer as a part of the traditions of the legion. But when the Founder's Standard was brought out it was often for serious business such as trials and enforcing peace. When a crime was committed by a legionary, it would be brought out for the trial to bear witness and judge the accused no matter if they were innocent or guilty of the crimes they might have committed.   This was also brought out in times of distress and unrest with a legion as all legionaries will stop their disruptive behavior when the Founder's Standard is brought before them. As to do so in front of it was to dishonor the legion and all those who did it in front of it, ceasing all disorder instantly. But the greatest times that it was brought out was when the promotion of a Legatus was being done with the entire legion being present for it. As new leadership was often a new chapter for a legion and when the oaths were said before the founder they were taken seriously. While discipline often keeps the men in line, the standards and the values they represent are also a factor in it.
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Defend at All Cost

  To lose the standard of the legion is considered one of the greatest dishonors a legion can bear. This is why they are protected at all costs along with their standard-bearer from enemy forces. If the standard-bearer were to fall in battle a Legionary will quickly rush to retrieve to ensure that it does not fall into enemy hands. If it were to be taken by the enemy then, the Legionaries closest to it will try will within all of their power to retrieve it from the enemy. There have been cases where Legionaries charged right into enemy formations with reckless abandonment to get it back. Even giving up their own lives to ensure that it is brought back to the legion and in safe care. If a legion were to be defeated and there is no way for the standard to be returned, an attempt to hide or keep it out of reach from the enemy will be attempted until it can be retrieved. Those that are taken will have the entire legion go after it until it is brought back safely.  

Earned Glories

  With each standard that is a part of the legion so are the glories that are earned in battle. Each group that is given a standard is given chance to add honors to it to ensure their worth to it. There are several types of honors that are added to it with each one having a different meaning to them.   Tassles: Each tassel at the end of signifying the important parts they played in the battle.   Pole Rings: Each ring around the banner represents courage beyond the call of duty.   Disks: Represents the honors that distinguish a unit's role that they carried out in a campaign.   Wreath: Wreaths are often made of silver or gold signify the achievement of a unit becoming crucial in gaining victory.


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