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Cold Glass

This glass right here is the proper way to protect your eyes from the cold and it wouldn't even fog up either allowing you to see as clearly without them. - Glass Smith

History & Usage


Cold Glass was one of the many great creations of the current Norrian Era of Enlightenment, a series of cultural reforms and scientific development. The very idea of Cold Glass was nothing more than simple experiments back then and would not be realized until it was finally made. Once its properties were examined it was clear where it would be placed into and it found its way from military use and civilian as a proper tool to protect a wearer's eyesight. Allowing for to maintain sight without the fear of cold weather to alter their eyesight in any way. This is especially common in the reach of the far north where the weather is harsh for those who live in it making them comfortable in any little way they can.


The glass was created by Norrian smiths that were experimenting with glassmaking techniques from other cultures that they had acquired to find uses with them and from these teachings they discovered a way to create glass that did not fog up from the cold.

Everyday use

The most practical use for them is eye protection in lenses to allow the wearer to protect their eyes from cold winds and will still be able to see without the fear of fogged lenses and ice build-up. There have been developments in creating telescopes and spy glasses to have the same design of cold glass to have clear sight.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It was the first type of glass to be created by Norrians and they used it just by them as the glass is meant to be used in cold climates. Though due to how new this material is it has yet to be explored further.


Trade & Market

The market is considered small due to the limited use of the glass and it is often just sold by the glass smiths who make them to those who are permitted to use it.


Due to it being glass it is often placed in a crate with material such a straw and layered to protect it from cracking. After that it can be stored anywhere without harm to it.

Law & Regulation

A contract must be signed by a smith to be allowed to make the glass. This goes for the same with those who wish to buy the glass as the material take time and effort to make and is not to be wasted by fools who will just waste its potential.
2 gold
Green, Clear, Blue
Common State

Sturdy Marvel

  Despite being glass, cold glass is considered much stronger than it looks, it breaks like any other glass, but it can take a beating. Often taking a few good hits for it to break. Along with being unfazed by sudden temperature changes as it does not crack or break from. Making it reliable for any hard jobs without the fear of breaking.  

Easy Modifications

  The techniques to create cold glass can be applied to other forms of glass as well without altering their design. Glass with magnification and sight can benefit from the cold glass without the fear of cold weather affecting them.


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