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Alendrite Snail

For every snail born in Alendrea a pouch of gold is waiting to be found - old Alendrean proverb

Basic Information


The snail entire body is made up of muscle and lack a skeleton and are consider limbless. They are also born with a shell on their back.

Biological Traits

Genetically the snails come in vanity of different colors when they are born, due to the their food supply, a high unusual form of calcium that has be altered due to its environment

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduction can be done two different ways with mating or either gender can reproduce themselves and lay eggs that are fertilized. How long this will take is unknown, with some taking only weeks to a few months. Once laid the eggs hatch in ten to thirty days.

Growth Rate & Stages

After six months they are fully grown along with their shells along the way. Their colors start to get darker a well as they eat more of their food.

Ecology and Habitats

The snail is found in a special on the Great River where a special mineral is found that the snails feed on to survive

Dietary Needs and Habits

Eat special mineral of calcium the is around Alendrea

Biological Cycle

As they grow their shells get larger and larger as they grow

Additional Information

Social Structure

They often go about their business when around one another and have no real interactions other then mating.


Domestication is easy and just feeding them keeps then content

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to the large amounts of color they can produce they are often used to create dyes and be used for silks and cloths to be sold at high prices. A hundred snails can often produce a entire cloth roll alone once they are crushed and processed.

Facial characteristics

Smooth surface with a mouth and two tentacle with eyes coming out of its head

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They can only be found on the Dark Continent

Average Intelligence

Highly unintelligible

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Like most other species of snail are deaf and use their skin to sense their surrounding for change and danger. They also have tentacles on the top of their head were there eyes are at the end of them to be able to see their surroundings better.
Scientific Name
Class: natural
10 years
Conservation Status
The snail are keep in large numbers to avoid extinction
Average Weight
25 to 45 kg
Average Length
Average Physique
Very muscular, but have to use mucus that its body produces to move around
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Many differ colors then one can imagine


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