Ahlan Juroza Vazem

Captain Ahlan Juroza Vazem (a.k.a. The Savior of Paranth, the Wanderer, the Thinker)

The world is full of wonders. You only need the courage to walk out the door to find them. - Ahlan Juroza Vazem

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Savior and Explorer

  If there was a man that will be forever known in the Eastern Lands it would be Ahlan Juroza Vazem. A spice merchant turn explorer, Ahlan would set out to see in search of new land to save the Paranth Sultanate and his people from destruction. After many weeks at sea, he would be caught in a storm leading him to a discovery that would change the world forever, the Dark Continent. A new land of great abundance and space for his people to live. After spending many months in the untamed land, he would return home with many animals and plants to present to the Sultan. Once his findings were known, he was hailed as a hero of his country and brought about an age of exploration. He was rewarded with a title of nobility rather than building influence for his new status. He would continue to explore as he wanted to see more of what the world had to offer.   He returns to the Dark Continent many more times to explore it and its many secrets. He often returned with better charts of the lands he explored and dealt with ancient ruins found across it, recovering many treasures from them. He would also create several of the first colonies to be made on the continent in the name of the Sultanate. Even ensuring that peace was kept with the native through trade and alliances. Much of his life was for the thrill of adventure as he could see things that most of his people would never be able to. He would eventually make his home on the new continent with his family and continue to explore as far as he could until he finally reached a point that he could no longer explore and use the fortune to empower his house greatly. In his thirty years of exploration, he would travel thousands of miles and witnessed animals, plants, and cultures that no one had ever seen before. He would write on many of these things in his notes and eventually write Wonders of Calestra, a book that retold his adventures and everything he documented from them.  

Final Journey

  Many decades would pass, and Ahlan would be an old man with wealth and a family that loved him. But in his heart, he yearned to go exploring one last time before he died. So he decided to do just that and made an expedition to go deep within the most uncharted regions of the Dark Continent at the time. He would say his goodbyes to his family, and he and his expedition would set off into unknown lands, and none of them were ever seen again. When no word was heard from them after a year, all were presumed dead, ending the long life of the great explorer. While many saw this expedition as a fool's attempt to regain glory by Ahlan, many would still honor him for his achievements throughout his life. Many books were written about him, and monuments in his form being made to make his name last forever and inspire future explorers to come as his people would continue to seek out what lay beyond the known world.
1588 BCA 1510 BCA 78 years old
Presented Sex
165 lbs
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