The Author's Corner in The Rosepetal
Here you'll be able to find a growing selection of short stories and flash fiction that each focus on a specific event or moment in the life of one or more characters living in Rosepetal.   Their primary purpose is to help me ease back into fiction writing again. The goal is to eventually feel confident enough to plot and plan for a more lengthy, ambitious piece.  

Stories from the Rosepetal


Academy Life

These stories focus on the background and history of past and present inhabitants of the The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís.  


Of Mind and Matter
Last Eve on Eole
The Space Ninene
Find the Rainbow


Tybulus Svilen

No Words Necessary

These stories are planned to focus on the Three Tails rebels and their cause.  


The Chatterbox
When the ninene's out
Toxic Negotiations
Three Tails Free Tails



Stories from Beyond the Void

This is a special little section where I'll post up stories that don't belong to the Roseperal setting, but that I felt I wanted to polish/rewrite and share. Some were originally written as part of different online roleplaying groups. So, while some context might be missing, I hope these can be enjoyable reads anyway.  

Will of the Deities

Most of these are character background vignettes from a Neverwinter Nights online persistant world server that had built their own unique high fantasy setting focused around the conflicts between it's different deities and the mortals set to carry out their wills.  


Soaring Feather
Doll Doll
Path of the Hawk
The Warriors of Tomorrow
Lone Wolves
Dragon's Soul
Forest's Wrath
Together Forever Apart

Tales from the Old Republic

Some of these are co-written chronicles based on past play-by-post roleplay together with Caterine and Juan, all taking place in the Star Wars: the Old Republic setting.  


Beer, Sad Cake, and a Guitar
A Sussurus of Daywings

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