Religion in the Realm

Gods are not really prayed to in the Realm. The Gods are right over there in Asgard, you can go have a drink with them if you like. The old god Vanir are much harder to find, admittedly, but you can if they want you to, over in Vanaheim. They are as likely to chat with you as turn you into a frog pet as eat you, so you take your chances there.   There isn't much faith needed in regards to "gods" is what we're saying. We are also not saying that there aren't gods who have set themselves up as the patrons of easily duped mortals. We're also not saying there aren't god-like creatures not among the nine races lurking in the Outer Realm, and potentially on the mainland as well.   Worship, and religions and cults and all manner of other faiths, however, abound.   Among Humans, there are the People of the Gold Spark, the People of the Flora, and the People of the Fauna, dedicated to the sun, plants, and animals respectively.   The Day Elves dedicate their practice to their element of Creation, to the moon, to the birch or the grass or the rivers.   Some worship at the altar of the elements intrinsic to other beings (some of the gods are really into fire magic, for example).   Generally it's creations that are the basis of religions and subjects of worship in the Realm, as opposed to creators, which is as the creator of the Realm itself would prefer it.


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