Húrdir Emberdeep

From the Muspelheim mythology   Growing up in homey Bariel near the sea, Húrdir had dreams of glitz and glamor and the bright lights of high society. He dreamed of opening the hottest club on The Blazing Shore. But for a Fire Elemental boy from the mountains of Emberhome, such dreams mean climbing some less than reputable ladders.   When he was of age he traveled to the Citadel of Baralinel in Asgard to become a sellsword, hired out to guard nobles in the luxurious Town of Esgeril and the evil City of Gaerdor. Along the way he found himself hired out for a few other things, which led him to a safer, more lucrative and much more fun line of work in the Village of Hinnor.   Being handsome, charming and very smart, there he makes a vast amount of coin, more than enough to open his own club. There are a great many caves along the shore that would make excellent spots, but just because there isn't a cafe or music venue occupying a cave, that does not mean the cave is empty.   And so he takes up his sword again to evict whatever monsters lie within so he can begin to build his dream.
True Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
1138 AF 883 Years old
6 ft

Character Portrait image: by Natalie Anderson • Beardsgaard Barbers


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