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Vitus Vocators

The name given to any Vitus user within the Enoh-Hoana lands. Although Adjudicators are also technically Vitus Vocators, it is often considered an insult to call them that, with the "Adjudicator" title given far more prestige and weight.   The name Vitus Vocator, meaning something akin to "Speaker of Vitus", though it's exact translation from Enohch has been lost to an ancient dialect, applies to a wide skill range, from trainee to expert, and is more of a general term.



Individuals must be adept at controlling Vitus before they receive any formal training by the state. Chosen individuals have usually learnt this prior at some academy, gladiatorial school, or from familial ties. Though the term can be used generally, it is also a position within the army. Vitus Vocators within the army are trained daily at a barracks or facility, though the training is both not as strenuous and separate to the Adjudicators.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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