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The diaboloical voice twisted. He heard a loud crash coming out of the street. Jekkyl turned to the window and saw in the distant horizon of the cityscape, an enormous beastial putrified corpse loomed on the building. He was confused by the sight. His vision honed in on the figure. A deep scar ran down the center of its face, and its nose was completely gone, only a large open nasal cavity remained. It wore a metal harness over its torso and had a strap on its right leg that held a grappling gun. The Hunter grabbed the gun and pointed it directly at Jekkyl's apartment. The beast fired. The grappling claw stretched towards the apartment and smashed buildings in its trajectory. The pieces smashed apart and then suspended in the air.
— Excerpt from The Nephalim's Asylum
Limbo is the chaotic copy of the Prime Realm, home of the Demons, and one of the settings in the novel: The Nephalim's Asylum.  


Limbo looks just like the normal world, or as it's called the Prime Realm. But it is saturated in more reds and oranges. The air smells different and sulfuric while it has tendrils of black that wraps around signs. Demons rule this plane and can drag mortals such as, Jekkyl Hyde, to this plan of existence.   Most of the concentrations of Limbo are in North American, while there are some of the Tar Pools in Europe. There is significantly more in North America. This is because the veil separating the Prime Realm and Limbo is extreamely thin. With this certain demonic legions, such as the Blue Blood demons, have more control in the Prime Material Plane.
In the Unites states of North America is where the majority of Tar Pools live, spawning and creating existing demons that have died through diabolic reincarnation.
Each one of the American inhabitants have some sort of Demonic corruption either living inside them, or they are acting on that corruption. These corruptions take the form of the group known as The Seven Deady Sins.  

Laws of Nature



Gravity is still gravity in Limbo, but the demonic entities that has dragged the Human, Sidqiel, or Angel to Limbo has full control of it.  


Time has to be one of the only concepts in Limbo that is free flowing like the Prime Realm. It flows in the standard seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.
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Hell, Corrupted Earth
Dimensional plane
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