Jekkyl Hyde

The Horseman of Rage, Jekkyl Lee Hyde

Divine Domains

Avenge, Freedom, and Recovery

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Horseman of Avengence's sigil is a pair of draconic wings attatched to a sword with the Sin Glyphs of Wrath, Lust, Envy, and Pride beside the blade. The Sin Glyphs are both a trophy and a burden of the deaths of the Sins.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He doesn't suffer from any illness. He has a bulky build. He is agile and strong, usually increasing his physicality by running along rooftops.

Body Features

He has platinum colored scales that have taken over his body along the arms and chest.

Facial Features

Some of the platinum scales have appeared at the base of his chin and up his neck.

Identifying Characteristics

The platinum scales along his body. As well as the sanguine lightning and bloodstream of Sin Eater

Special abilities

Voltaic abilities
-Lightning dash
-Lightning tether
-Voltaic gaze
-Spark bomb
-Shocking touch
-Spark bolt
Blood Abilities
  • redirection and control
  • create weaponry
-Blood vision
Horseman Form
  • Enhanced Strength, speed, and agility
  • Lightning and Blood breath
  • Improved Lightning Dash
  • Wings and a Prehensile Tail
Anarchy's Blood Moves
  • Cyclone Glide
  • Wind Camoflauge
  • Manifest Storm
  • Enhance Body

Apparel & Accessories

A black trench coat adorned with metal and a large hood. A necklace of a penacle with gems in between the points.

Specialized Equipment

Sin Eater
Lazarus Rounds
Fuze Rounds
Agony Rounds
Frostbite Rounds
Enigma Rounds
Impaler Rounds

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He doesn't know much of his childhood, except that the doctors told him he was in a car accident. He was taken to the orphanage, with no memory of his family he was alone.

Jekkyl continued to keep his life normal, but it's difficult to do that when you're not like the other kids. He was teased and had major anger management issues because of his scaled arm. Jekkyl had no last name and was given the name, Hyde, from the headnurse (mainly because of his temper). One day he was in minding his own buisness when the orphanage bully came and ridiculed him infront of everyone in their quarters. Jekkyl had enough of his mockery and assulted him. Jekkyl finds this memory to be very relaxing and a great turning point with the way how everyone saw him. They were terrified of him and was never mocked by the children after that point.

By the time that he was 16 he had been in what the orphanage calls The Black Room more times than the orphanage wanted to count. He had also been allowed to leave the orphanage at this time.

Jekkyl wandered throughout the streets of Dublin, Ireland, and took the moments he went out to freerun and go to the gym. He climbed the buildings and ran along the rooftops. When he was at the gym, he met a man by the name of Clive. They talked, Jekkyl felt drawn to this man and he didn't know why. They went out for coffee and numerous different dates but had to keep their meetings secret.

]Once Jekkyl was 18 he left the orphanage and started a life with Clive, they bought a house and on January 6th 2000 Jekkyl proposed to Clive, who said yes.

This arangement was to be kept secret only Clive's parents knowing and supporting the handfasting. It was Clive's father who wedded the two.

On February 9th 2000, they went on the honeymoon that changed Jekkyl's life forever.

Upon this day he was cooking some salmon and white rice. He twirled the knife in his hand and sliced open his palm. After the palm began to bleed Clive then took a bandage and wrapped the hand to close the wound. Jekkyl felt a rocking from the sea. A storm had came to him and Clive, a red lightning storm was above them. Jekkyl walked out of the boat and saw that Clive leaned over the edge. The storm struck and the boat tipped over, Clive was thrown overboard. Jekkyl couldn't save him in time and CLive was swallowed by the sea serpent known as, Jorm. This was also his first time being in the realm known as Limbo.

When Clive rose from the depths of the ocean, he was change no longer human but a sea creature known as a Siren. Jekkyl in a rage at his beloved dead was given a gift from Sakti'had, the angelic blade called Anarchy. He used this blade to kill Clive in his siren state and escaped Limbo.

No Clive my beloved you shouldn't have had this happened to you. I promise that this will not happen to others like you. I will make sure to kill every last one of those wretches even if my body fails me. This is a promise I plan to keep and not a single thing will stop me. I will slay all the monsters, the demons, the nightmares, all will parish from me. This is a vow that I make to you, my beloved. You will always be in my heart and spirit along the way. I take this penacle as a gift to you, my love.
— Jekkyl's Oath after slaying Clive
After a while he had been deemed a target to the Demon King and his subjects, the Sidqiel were tasked with protecting the Scaled Defender. He later crafted the weapon Insanity to aid and keep that oath.

Gender Identity

He is a male and he is respectful to other's pronouns. (He/Him) but you never got that from me.


He has slept around quite a bit after the death of his husband. He is bisexual and has had over a dozen partners since Clive's death, one of them being Siobhan.


He knows a fair amount about gunsmithing and alchemy but never attended a single class of college after Clive's death. He learned through trial and error, as well as the teaching of his headmaster.


He has given some thought to opening up a monster-hunting business called, "The Nephalim's Asylum." After the Helgate being destroyed and the Sin epidemic this thought comes to mind repeatedly.

Mental Trauma

The death of his husband, Clive, constantly haunts him. He has severe anger management isuses.


You will never see him without his scales unless he makes it that way.

Personality Characteristics


To hunt and kill the thing that killed his husband and to keep his new found family alive. He allows his second persona, Raseri, to fuel most of his rage and transform him into his Horseman form.   He desperitely strived for protecting children the most, since at the orphanage he was, to most all of the children and nurses, teased and ridiculed by them.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is honest, maybe a little too honest. His loyalty is strong and if you have his trust then you are a friend for life. He doesn't tolerate betrayal or lies.


He keeps himself clean, showering only twice a week, but that has dwindled ever since The Broken Branch event.


Hobbies & Pets

He has one pet by the name of Styrbjorn, a Hypohound and loyal companion to him.




Towards Jekkyl Hyde


Jekkyl Hyde


Towards Galakrond


Nimue Umbrahold


Towards Jekkyl Hyde


Jekkyl Hyde


Towards Nimue Umbrahold


Jekkyl Hyde

Father (Important)

Towards Skal Hyde



Skal Hyde

Son (Important)

Towards Jekkyl Hyde




The relationship started shortly after the Changling that had kept Skal trapped beneath Vandrin manor was exterminated by Jekkyl. Skal was rescued from the torture chamber and was brought into the fold of Jekkyl's friends and stayed. Both currently work at The Nephalim's Asylum, hunting and slaughtering every monster that harms the mortal coil.

Nicknames & Petnames

Most of Jekkyl's nicknames and petnames he gives to the others in his comroderie usually fall under the line of swearing. Words like, "Shithead, fuckface, bitch, asshole, asshat, etc." are all used by Jekkyl throughout his journey. Skal is no exception to this often having the world "little" in front of the swearing.

Wealth & Financial state

He is limited on wealth and is looking to gain more from the buisness "The Nephalim's Asylum."
Divine Classification
Current Location
Date of Birth
19th of December 1971
Current Residence
Vandrin Manor
Dark blue
Medium, Platinum
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White with platinum scales
Known Languages
He is fluent in Irish and English but is working on Draicormric. He knew Klingon but never practiced and lost it after his honeymoon.