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Prime Realm

His snowed perch had an unobstructed view of Dublin, dusk came around his location. He looked up and something burst from the nearby trees, "What was that?" Jekkyl whispered as he sa a large sillouette flew above him, "Great, now Nimue is stalking me, again."   A huge raven coated the trees above him. Skikk tried to find him, Jekkyl knew that Skikk saw through Nimu's eyes and remembered the raven mentioned Nimue could do the same. He didn't delay on that any further. He quietly dropped from his perch, crouched on the ground. He snuck along the ground, using the shadows the sun had made from the trees.
— Excerpt from The Nephalim's Asylum
The Prime Realm is the plane that was copied of all the other Realms using Virgil's sword, Skilja, besides Helheim and Ofnir.  


The land of this Realm is a massive world filled with oceans, cities, mountains, caves, and civilizations. This place contains Humanity and monsters such as the Lycanthrope, Changelings, and other such beasts. This realm was afflicted by the Broken Branch Event.   The Prime Realm is also one of the most influenced Realms in existence as most of the other Realms and its inhabitants have some hold on it. Whether its the retainers of The Court in Europe and Asia, or even the Blue Blood demons in America.  

Laws of Nature

The laws of nature is where the other Realms have based their laws of nature and the Planar Sakti of that copied Realm influenced those laws to match. Limbo's laws are chaotic, Niflheim's laws are closely related but highly and angelic, while Ofnir's world is more like the Prime Realm.
Alternative Name(s)
Earth, Real World, Normal Place
Dimensional plane
Included Organizations