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Petrified Eidolon

"The eidolon is that portion of a person that belongs to the dream realm, as the pneuma belongs to the spirit realm and the soma belongs to physical realm. When it is not interlinked with pneuma and soma, the eidolon is extremely susceptible to the forces of belief, and can be rapidly distorted, potentially losing important information in the process. I have observed that in the royal cemeteries on Gailur Altua, they have ritually bound the eidolons of the deceased to menhirs, substituting the stone for the lost soma, and deriving spiritual energy from the ongoing rituals that sustain the local metaphysical environment. This has the effect of stabilizing the eidolons and making them resistant to alteration by the typical forces of the dream realm. In fact, these eidolons are even more stable than those associated to other beings - they are frozen solid, unable to change in any way, including the formation of new memories. It is not a perfect process - given enough time, the eidolons do break down, and can even form composite entities, but it is a promising line of research regardless. I believe I can replicate this process independently of the folk rituals used by the Uhartekoa, and perhaps improve on it. I have selected a site near Ystwyth for my attempts, and given it the working title of 'Stone Archive'." - an excerpt from the lab journal of Clarion

A petrified eidolon is a large stone that has had the eidolon of a deceased person embedded within it. These stones contain the memories and personality of the person, although they do not retain the original spirit. The resulting entity is thus disconnected from the spiritual connections they made in life, and while they remember the significant people and places from their lifetime, they no longer feel or grasp the emotional content of those bonds.

What they do retain is memory, and the ability to converse with those who make contact with the stone they are embedded in. A petrified eidolon is frequently unaware of their own death, as the process of embedding them into the menhir locks their memories and identity in place. They will not remember anything that occurred beyond their own lifetime, but they will be able to answer any questions placed to them. Communication with one of the petrified is mental in nature - the person touching the stone will hear the voice of the eidolon and possibly see changes upon its surface, but those who observe the process will not see or hear anything the eidolon does.


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