Holonomy Trap

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A holonomy trap is an instance or other discreet region of Unallocated Space where the normal rules of Euclidean geometry no longer apply such that, once the region is entered, egress becomes extremely difficult.   Holonomy traps can occur naturally as a result of phenomena like aberrant flowerings, but they are most often intentionally created. Reasons for creating holonomy traps range from containing aberrant flowerings, containing other dangerous individuals or phenomena (i.e. corrupted blanks), to explore alternative physical laws (as in 'realistic' instances), or even as aesthetic or philosophical exercises. For example, the whole of the Manifold Sky Instance could be considered a holonomy trap, and its original purpose was to be a grand art piece by Wurth Harkin before it found another use as a prison for those who misused The Word in the Candledusk Instance.


Paths within a holonomy trap do not conform to the usual rules for those in flat, Euclidean space. Straight lines may not be parallel, and the sum of angles in shapes may not add up to their usual values. For example, in a 'spherical' holonomy trap, all geodesics converge, meaning that walking in a straight line will always bring one back to one's starting. As another example, a holonomy trap that is defined as the surfrace of a Klein bottle has only one side; trying to move forward would eventually bring one back to one's starting point, as with the sphere, but trying to dig down would also result in one finding oneself digging up through another point farther along in the expanse.   Navigation through a holonomy trap is further complicated by the fact that simply moving around can change one's orientation relative to that at one's point of origin. For example, in holonomy trap defined as a hyperbolic surface, trying to retrace one's steps by going around in a circle might require making five right turns instead of four, and trying to run alongside someone else would require constant correction as parallel paths diverge.   Some holonomy traps are better understood by the connections between their constituent spaces rather than the purported geometry of the place, with portals and hallways leading to other spaces far-removed in apparent three-dimensional space. This is the major variant within the Manifold Sky Instance, as making the space truly conformal to its topology as the surface of a five-dimensional cube would make travel within it far more difficult than intended by the creator. Disparate locations in Unallocated Space, such as Club Chorus and the personal demenses of Choir and Elder Blanks, also frequently exhibit this behavior.

Localized Phenomena

Typically, 'natural' cycles within a holonomy trap must be carefully constructed with an eye towards the dangers and limitations inherent in the space. This is a difficult and complex task best left to experts or, barring that, best continuously overseen by construct blank engineered for the task. The Committee on Instance Design Standards has not per se imposed licensing restrictions on the creation of holonomy traps meant to be lived in by instance blanks, but they do place such projects (and their proposers) under much stricter scruitiny before approving them.

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