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An 'exclave,' in the parlance of the Matrioshka Multiverse, is a form of deployable, self-assembling holonomy trap with a pocket instance at its center. Equal parts barricade against passage and safe haven for hazardous portions of Unallocated Space, exclaves are handy in part because they can be called to the creator's location with a verse at a moment's notice.


When a command is uttered with The Word, the verse that controls the exclave is initated. The proceedural volumes of the exclave (see Source) begin to assemble themselves into a confusing holonomy trap 'maze' with the habitable volume at the center of the mass. At the user's option, the user may be immediately teleported into the habitable volume as a part of this verse.


In Unallocated Space, exclaves have all the properties shared by other holonomy traps, but will often be more visible than 'natural' traps. Exclaves may have the appearance of bizarre, nonsensical structures floating in the void, sucking pockets of depthless darkness, or gravitational lenses depending upon how they are implemented. Importantly, the 'map' of an exclave's interior is proceedurally generated from its proceedural volumes by the verse that defines it (see Source) in such a way that traversing it requires knowledge of how the volumes connect rather than their apparent locations in space. Rooms and corridors might seem to intersect, loop back on themselves, change orientation relative to the force of gravity, and more, making entering the habitable volume (or escaping for that matter) extremely difficult for those not familiar with the particular exclave.   When called into the same space as another instance, the structure of an exclave is forced to conform to the local physics in terms of appearance. Haunted houses, liminal spaces, apparently infinite hallways or staircases, and other such dissuading environments may be manifestations of exclaves. It should be noted that, while the surface-level appearance of such a space must 'make sense' in the world, the non-Euclidean, brain-bending nature of the interior remains unchanged; the whole purpose of an exclave is to prevent infiltration through non-violent means, especially disorientation.


Building an exclave requires a degree of preparation. One hoping to use an exclave must first build a small, self-contained instance. This instance will then be divided into two portions:  
  • Habitable Volume: The habitable volume of the exclave is the portion that can be lived in by the creator. This might range in size from a small room to a mansion and might range in complexity from a naked cube of stone to an elaborate temple complex. In general, the larger the habitable volume, the more complex and difficult to use the summoning verse will be to conjure forth the exclave; the size of the habitable volume is also generally inversely proportional to the complexity (and thus the protective nature) of the proceedural volumes (see below).
  • Proceedural Volumes: The portion of the instance given over to proceedural volumes is subdivided into a number of small instances with the property that they can only be entered or exited from a set number (minimum 1) of adjacent locations. Effectively, these tiny portions serve as hallways, corners, and obstacles to be placed in the path of those seeking to infiltrate the habitable volume (see above). In general, the more of the instance given over to proceedural volumes, the less space left over for the habitable volume, but more proceedural volumes means more space for infiltrators to get lost in (see Manifestation).
  After assembling the exclave in this manner, the verse required to determine how it may be called forth and how it assembles itself once deployed (see effect) must be created. This part of the preparation is a common method of practicing the application of The Word to solve practical problems, as a practical and effective implementation of the deployment process is non-trivial and the subject of ongoing experimentation.


Patricia Wixtaki was an early innovator in the creation of exclaves, her intutitive understanding of The Word and the underlying architecture of the Matrioshka Multiverse lending itself well to the art and science of information obfuscation. She has a number of exclaves prepared at all times, allowing her to pick and choose between them as required for a given circumstance. Patricia has even been known to employ exclaves for artistic purposes, creating seemingly endless non-Euclidean museums and hub worlds for her various side projects in instance creation.

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