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Kit's Crater Blood-stained retro supernatural horror

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Kit's Crater is a town in central Nevada, USA, near the largely-intact ghost town of Rawhide. In 1946, atomic testing to the south of Rawhide caused tremors which destabilized a previously undiscovered aquifer, creating a roughly triangular depression which was subsequently named after the explorer Kit Carson. Seeing that the two hundred foot tall crater walls, combined with the surrounding mountain ranges, created a natural blind, the US Air Force established a hidden research facility in the Kit's Crater basin. The few remaining residents of Rawhide and the families of scientists working at the research base moved into the basin as well, eventually leading to Kit's Crater's incorporation as a town in 1946.   The world of Kit's Crater, beyond belonging to an alternate history, also held a dark secret hidden from modernity by the ravages of time: magic, based on the power of words and steeped in classical and pre-classical lore, was once a real force in the world. While the old gods had long since fallen and much of the ancient words of power had been forgotten, a few stray artifacts maintained their potency, held and used surreptitiously by occultists through untold aeons of antiquity. Scattered cults held to the old ways in the hidden places of the world, biding their time to seize the reins of power should their dark masters ever awaken to menace the world once more.   And so it came to pass that, in 1986, a chance encounter with the Tarot of True Fate set a group of senior students at Kit's Crater High School on their own personal paths towards arcane power - while also foretelling their own tribulations, the return of an ancient evil, and the fiery destruction of all things...