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Swiftbreeze Shipyards

The breeze hits your cheeks as your ship docks on Telmaria. The sounds of the golden sea birds is a welcome sound after weeks and weeks away from home. A slow smile creeps across your face as you see the bright iron armour of the Pearls. Apparently news of your arrival did precede you; the guards of the Port of Telmaria are ready to meet you as the gangplank is lowered onto the dock beside your vessel.   The wooden dock creaks under the weight of your crew as you slowly walk out onto some of the only land you've seen for nearly a month. However, there is a terrible snapping sound behind you. You spin around to watch as the gangplank splinters and breaks under the weight of a barrel of Banai mead. You watch as a portion of your most expensive cargo and the unfortunate member of the crew who was rolling it tumble hundreds of feet towards the ocean below...  

A Port With No Ocean

Before the discovery of the Heart of Telmar, the island of Telmaria was much like the other islands in the Curaith Sea. Its port served ships travelling in from the western coast of Vesrae or the southern courts of Algonas, selling various spices, rare hardwoods or the magical technology and minerals from deep within the central mountain of the island. Its ships were famed in the region, and their specially-woven sails made them incredibly valuable.   Then the island began to float as the Telmari began to experiment on the Heart of Telmar, and the port was one of the first things to be lost as wooden docks split and buckled. As the city would not be able to continue its profitable trade without a port of some kind, plans were made to create Star Ships to service the island. Ships left abandoned on the ruins of the old dockyard were retrofitted with special stones to be able to fly through the air. The new dockyards above were rebuilt in stone, although recent additions and enlargements have been done in sturdy wood.  

A Maze of Docks

The stone dockyards of this part of Telmaria are a labyrinth to navigate all on their own. A special group of guards from the nearby Telmari city of Swiftbreeze patrol the dockyards to keep an eye out for the increasingly dangerous presence of pirates and smugglers in the port. They also help settle parking disputes between various crews of airships, and organize the trade between Telmaria and the world below through the Tower of Custom, the large marble lighthouse/office floating in the centre of the shipyards.
Location Type
Airport (in the most literal sense)

Alternative Names
The Floating Port
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Trade Goods

The port of Telmaria brings in rare commodities from all over Dreandril, including:
  • Ktoli Greenwood: often used to make high-end furniture and ornate finishings for homes, this wood is carved out of the hearts of the Scartrees native to this island in the Curaith Sea.
  • Wrokan weaponry: these incredibly-light steel arms were crafted by only the most worthy of the Stalwartkin smiths of the land of Wrokar.
  • Banai mead: produced under secret recipes passed down from one Bana to the next, this sweet drink is very flavourful and highly prized all across the world.

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That was an excellent article, with a great intro paragraph that hooked me right away :D Docks, hundreds of feet up in the air serving air-ships? coooooool! Poor guy that had the gangplank break, haha.   Thinking about how they've become a maze of these stone docks is really neat too.

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