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My world is composed of two universes.
The first is Alatheia, which I created nearly seven years ago. It includes five planets total and has quite a bit of lore already developed. This is an alien universe with some inspiration from firmic (earth) culture, though I’ve done my best to create my own creatures and culture; something unique for myself.
The second is Elysium, a universe I’ve only created in the past couple of months. I plan for this universe to represent ‘Earth’ and much of the folklore and mythology from classic tropes, such as angels, demons, vampires, etc.


In order from most to least developed, this universe has five total planets.

··─ Yudryae ─··

A world known for its bright architecture and ‘green, sunny, natural’ aesthetic. Yudryae is the youngest planet of Alatheia, and is considered to be the most ‘hopeful’ and friendly planet. Some life evolved from Nixan life and found new homes on this planet.

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··─ Nix ─··

The opposite of Yudryae; a world with a cyberpunk/steampunk aesthetic, but with more fantasy-esque elements. The oldest planet of Alatheia (so far) and arguably the most populated and most dangerous. It has similar life to Yudryae, but much much older. Ancient creatures lurk in its wilderness, and much of the wilds are undiscovered.

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··─ Myth ─··

The birthplace of Terran fairytales; where each story is a bit different than the ones we know. A bit twisted, one might say. So far, I’ve explored Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and the tales surrounding King Arthur and Merlin. Each tale is intertwined on one planet, though I have yet to truly dig into that aspect of the world.

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··─ Kryla ─··

Once thought to be a plane, later discovered as an entire planet. Most of the world is covered in mist and fog, with very few known lifeforms. Once again, the creatures of this world seem to have a connection to terran lifeforms, though Kryla is much older than Earth. Krylan faunis sometimes phase through reality and can be spotted as wispy beings on other planets.

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··─ Serus ─··

A long-dead planet devoured by massive, greedy creatures known as vitians. The most well-known part is the sprawling underground bunker, where the planet’s sole survivor spends her days.

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This universe has three tentative planet concepts. I plan on researching myths, fairy tales, legends, folklore, etc. as inspiration for these worlds, as I’ve always loved the supernatural and typical fantasy races.

··─ Firma ─··

My version of Earth. Very similar to our world, with more ‘fantastical’ beings included.

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··─ Lumia ─··

The youngest planet of both universes. Created for the peoples of Alatheia to gather in one place, peacefully.

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··─ Lockehaven ─··

A tentative idea for a new planet born of the death of a god. Not fully certain what this will be yet.

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