And She Will Rise


Written by Sterrestel

The Ghost Realm

··─ The Ghosts ─··

» ghosts: blacks, grays, whites, reds, blues, greens; ghosts tend to have quite a few color associations. Symbols of death + afterlife. Environments can either be unusually muted or unusually bright, depending on theme (i.e., corruption and toxicity vs grief and sorrow)

» the king is chosen through the end of the soul? In other words, destroy the current king and take over; typically through a challenge?

» all titles are masculine, regardless of gender/sex/morph?

» remnants vs other ghosts?

··─ The Kingdom ─··

» What kind of Kingdom is the Ghost Realm?

Biome? Geography? Architecture?

The Goddess Realm

··─ The Goddesses ─··

» goddesses: whites, pinks, pale blues, purples, golds, yellows. Clouds, marble. The sun and sky. Day. Resilience, joy, power, arrogance, beauty, ‘perfection’.

» all titles are feminine, regardless of gender/sex/morph?

··─ The Kingdom ─··

» What kind of Queendom is the Goddess Realm?

Biome? Geography? Architecture?


Research & Thoughts

Typical ideas of “Heaven” —


Typical ideas of “Hell” or “The Underworld” —

Underworld is most often associated with hell and hell alone, despite the fact it doesn’t just include ‘souls of the evil’ (ex: fields of asphodel for neutral shades, [other place I forget the name of] for the ‘truly good’)
This is a misinterpretation of Tartarus, a specific area of the underworld.
Depictions of color include red, orange, black, and blue. (Some depictions say it’s hot, others cold.)
Hell also includes ‘nine circles’ in some depictions.


Typical ideas of “Purgatory” or “Limbo” —


If the idea of angels and demons came from Malignity’s black wings and horns… then how does Seranous / Dianous work? Are these physically different locations on a planet, or different planes?


Ghosts vs. Goddesses:
Both originally created by Daemis
» Ghosts ruled by a King (neutral term/title)
» Goddesses ruled by Daemis (originally)

“ Daemis began as a paradox; confused about her role in the world.
She discovered souls in limbo and created both the Ghosts and the Goddess race.
Unfortunately, many became Remnants; animalistic beings driven by fear.
This caused her to become paranoid and she immediately tightened her control over the goddesses in order to ‘keep them safe.’
This led to her lying to them about the outside world.
“ Daemis created the archangel goddesses out of panic over remnants; she cast the ghosts out of her realm, sending them to a new one.
The goddesses then became in charge of protecting mortalics from ghosts (really just remnants.)
She was wrong about all ghosts being bad, and it wasn’t just ghosts that could become remnants.

» Lumia currently includes Mafelin Sanctuary and Noveri. Originally, Lumina created the planet; now I’m thinking they instead were asleep somewhere on the world, and awakened later. Lumia is sort of like neutral ground; where both Alatheians and Elysians can meet, and archaics can come and go as they please.

» Lumia has two faunis so far; Lumi Dianous and Minae Seranous. (Are Lumi ghostly beings, while Minae are goddess beings? Maybe Daemis has a second name associated with her, related to Seranous?)

» Novilic, Solinic, and Lumitic shards (crystals) power the planet. How does Lumina wake? Do Nova and Solace wake them? Is there some overarching conflict/threat to the planet?

» In regards to ghost vs goddess culture, I often like to flip and twist stereotypes; but how would I do that? Do I even want to, or would I prefer to keep the vibes to the typical, cliche ‘dark’ and ‘light’? Maybe each looks cliche from afar, but has secrets/twists that make it different?

» Ghost/goddess or remnant/goddess hybrids = phoenixes


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