Welcome to Etherlen

A realm tainted by the Greater Will and Mortal Arrogance

Written by Ace Infinity

Greetings, it is a pleasure to make your acquinatance. It is the year 120 MA. This land has seen the face of incredible triumphs and accomplishmentsas well as countless wars and decades of step backs. Both in part to the mortals who inhabit Etherlen, and the greater beings who created it. Yet, both keep marching forward with the passage of time and space...  

Her Story

From the last drop of blood, from a once great entity, did the universe now named Etherlen emerge. From this drop came it's five children, and from them eight more... and from them many many more... The blood has become diluted, and now the once great entities children war amongst themselves. In turn, harming the very inhabitants of the realm. From this fighting, the eldest of the original four offspring, through a great sacrifice, brought into existence a powerful shield around her beauty Etherlen; locking off all of the divines influence over her. In hopes of allowing the mortals of the realm to survive without fright...
Read more about Etherlen's Creation here: Creation of Etherlen & Her Gods.
Even with such a great sacrifice, the children found a way past the defenses, through the mortals... Thus came the Idols. With them great prosperity and devastation would beseech the world. Great creations would be invented, and just as equally would come to fall. Through the Old Wars before Heresy, and through those after, the realm would continue on. Even as the grand divines continued their endless wars, she would continue on...
Now, after the death of one of the great divines by the hands of a mortal, we find ourselves. The realm is at a brief time of peace. A chance to heal old wounds and forget old scars...

Branches of Fate

Even amongst the chaos, many believe all that has and will come to pass is already written. From the great entitie came a fifth child, many refer to as the Writer of Fate. From her a branch reaches out connecting every soul that is, intertwining and connecting us all into her ecosystem. Of course, there are those who do not believe in such falsities, but I suppose we shall never truly know... Either way, it is hard to deny this idea has great promise in many. Whether they use it to justify their satanic actions or for others to believe they have a higher purpose.
I myself have a hard time siding with either belief. There is an appeal to both... all I know is it is strange most scholars throughout history have felt the need to give such a figure a name...
— Ser'Turven

Only a Glimpse

Well, far traveler... this is merely a glimpse at Etherlen and her story, as well as where she is headed. I hope you find time to stay, and read more about her. Some excellent stories are presented below...

Themes within Etherlen

  The Impact of the Divines and Mortals   Both the Greater Beings and the Mortals have had and will have a significant impact on the future of the realm. This is a vital story point and makes it so, no matter your walk of life, you can have a lasting impact, for better or worse.   Placement of Trust   The people of Etherlen have placed their trust in both the divines and other mortals in the past. Both times good and bad have come of it. Who you trust and who you give power plays an important role in the past, present, and future.   Constants of Reality   An underlining constant throughout this World is the role of what makes reality possible. From destruction to creation, to time and space, and even the fate that guides it all. It all has a part to play.
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