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Creation of Etherlen & Her Gods

The Creation of Etherlen & Her Gods

Date of when Events Occured: -10,586

Formation of the Mian & the Prime Material

It all began when Koŕthries (Core-Thre-es), the All Father, created the Mian (My-an). From his droplet sprang five children. Gyŕtu (Gr-tu), Primáldian (Pri-mal-di-an), Lerenthíel (Ler-en-th-eel), X̂ordender (Zor-den-der), and Forźeldiath (For-zel-di-ath). The four eldest becoming fundamentals of the universe: Creation, Destruction, Time, and Space. The most adolescent of the Mian becoming Fate.

When the four Mian were formed, what remained of the all father’s droplet formed a central plane, the prime material. The Mian then slowly began to shape and form the world, adding and removing aspects. Soon came the creation of life and other wondrous aspects of the prime material. From each Mian came an assortment of humanoid races and living beings, which would populate the realm. From Gyŕtu came the five prime humanoid races: Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, and Human. They would become the main power; being able to create and fight the dark. From Primáldian came the monsters of the realm. Challenging and struggling against the races. Primáldian influenced the main races against Gyŕtu’s wishes by tainting their minds, allowing them to destroy and create darkness. From Lerenthíel came no race, but the creation of age. Limiting the time each sole soul had on the prime material. This differed from each race based upon how close they were to the Astar. From Forźeldiath came the mixture of elemental and magic races: Dragonborn, and Genasi to name a few. She would influence the main races in allowing crossbreeding among them.

The Birth of the Elder Gods & the 8 Realms

Then came the creation of the planes, controlled by the eldest. From him were eight of the first Astar (As-tar): Thea, Inaen, Ryu, Hofkiin, Mandos, Modu, Arkanos, Mykerra, and Astarot. In common term the elder gods. From the elder of creation came eight powerful gifts. The ability to create whatever one desired, and from this arose the eight planes. Within each plane came more diversity among the creatures of the realms. Allowing for more dark and light. When they were formed they were linked to the prime material. From great pieces of ancient rock allowed the easy transferring from one to another.

After the Elder Gods

After the first eight Astar came many more, but unlike them, their power would be determined by their influence on the races and monsters of the prime material. Being separated by both tier of influence and their epitome. Each Astar would fall under an epitome corresponding with one of the eldest four Mians. The four epitomes being: Creation, Destruction, Time, and Space. This would be determined by: which domain the Astar controlled, what they sought after, and what they valued.
    • Creation: Any Astar which promoted goodness, light, and the creation and preservation of life.
    • Destruction: Any Astar who sought after the ending, removing, or obliteration of life. As well as those who wished for darkness to have power over the light.
    • Time: Any Astar who did not seek light or dark, but simply existed. Wishing to promote their domain. As well as any Astar who dealt with souls and ageing.
    • Space: Any Astar who controlled domains of fundamental constants of the realms.

Forzeldiath's Gift

The creation of Astar was mainly held in the power of the eldest four Mians, but Forźeldiath created another way for Astar to be made. Giving the races of the realms the ability to rise to the level of an Astar by showing power and influence over the races of the realms just like an Astar.

To look back and see the very beginnings of our world, it makes you realize just how small we all are.
— Ser'Turven
The Etherlen Pantheon
Organization | Jan 20, 2023

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