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The Infinity Chronicles A Realm of Mortals and Gods

125 MA

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Welcome to the Infinity Chronicles. It is the Year 120 MA. From the Worlds creation to now, it has seen countless eras of prosperity and tragedy. Many wars have been fought and many great Kingdoms created. All in the eyes of the banished Gods. As mortals thrive on Etherlen the divines that made them are forced to watch from afar...

Extensions of Divine Will

Yet, the great powers manage to find a way. Through those that they watch, the mortals races, they are able to create surrogates for their will: The Idols. The only known way to by pass the old defense put in place against them.
It tickles one's mind to see the Irony in the Divines. They are forced to work with the very things they are banished from to once again extend their will over them...

A New Day

Even with such a turbulent history, the people of Etherlen continue on. With every sun rise comes a another opportunity for a new face to make an impact. The Realm finds itself in a time of peace after a brutal war. People crave stability and a chance to rebuild, allowing for new opportunities. Who knows what new stories will be told?


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