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The Draconian Blood War

Written by Ace Infinity

Brief Summary

  The Draconian Blood War was a conflict between the Kingdom of Valer and the Draconians. It lasted from 2712 TH to 2784 TH. It was a fierce conflict resulting in thousands of casualties and the near extinction of draconic kind. Ultimately, Valer would come out victorious, pushing out draconic kind from its borders and slaying the deity Elcron.  

The Conflict



Several events led to the start of the war. Long before the creation of Valer, a strange race entered the prime material: the Dragonborn. Ever since their arrival they had always been looked at differently by the other races. This not only included the Dragonborn, but the many other draconic creatures that came along side them into the realm. This racism grew and grew, and during the Time of Heresy it would grow to a point where it eventually burst. The people of Valer and their King began leading crusades against the draconic folk, in order to either remove them from the Kingdom or end their lives. In the first few weeks of these crusades so much blood was spilt it attracted the eye of something greater. An old... largely unknown... deity would not stand for such injustice. Elcron, through his surrogate Idol, would call all the draconic creatures of the realm against Valer. From the dragonborn to the greatest monsters in the realm, the Dragons. With this began what would could come to be known as the Draconian Blood Wars.

The Chromatics

The Chromatic Dragons served on the side of the Draconics. They are arrogant, generally dislike mortals, and are notably more powerful than their metallic counterparts. They caused most of the wide spread destruction and loss of life in the war. However, by the end of the war very few Chromatics remained, and those that survived were largely young in age.

The Metallics

The Metallic Dragons ultimately sided with Valer. They are quite intelligent, like the mortals of the realm, and are more receptive and charismatic then the chromatics. It pained them to fight their dragonborn kin. However, they knew that if they sided with Elcron they would wipe out one of the greatest mortal Kingdoms the world has seen. So, they fought their own. It would come at a heavy cost however, many of the metallics died fighting their opposites on the chromatic side. This led to the near extinction of the great Dragons, leaving very few of either.

The End

After several decades of conflict, Valer finally had something in their hands to end the war. They had captured Survien Paler, Elcron's Idol and the main general for the Draconics. After months of torture Survien caved in. Before this moment Valer did not realize there was a larger force at play. Survien revealed Elcron had orchestrated his side of the war from beyond the veil. Survien acted as his surrogate, an extension of his will into the Prime Material. With this knowledge Valer began researching, trying to find a way to fell a god. Very little was known about the divines, however from old texts Valer planned an attack. Through the use of The Obelisks that dotted the realm, they could travel to the realm where Elcron's physical form resided. They sent an elite force of their greatest warriors, including the 3rd prince of the King Corthees: Zephren Infinity, to slay the deity. In the end, they were successful. The old obelisk opened a way to the god, and the party would succeed in defeating Elcron. However, very little is known as to what actually occurred in the battle. Of the seven heroes sent, only four returned. Three of the four died in the battle, while Zephren Infinity disappeared alongside Elcron... never to be seen again.
The realm returned to peace after eight long decades of war. However, scars never truly heal. Thousands upon thousands had died, the great Dragons were nearly extinct, and large portions of the continent were in ruin. It would take many many years to recover... In the end, King Corthees Illuster the Dragon Conquerer would be hailed as a hero by the people of Valer, alongside the seven heroes sent to slay Elcron. In addition, metallic dragons would be seen in good light among Valer, while any other dragonkin would be met with hatred and threats upon their life.
Conflict Type
Start Date
2712 TH
Ending Date
2784 TH
Conflict Result
The Kingdom of Valer would be Victorious in defeating the Draconics and Elcron



Had 220,000 soldiers, as well as 74 metallic dragons.
Had 55,000 dragonborn soldiers and 55,000 other soldiers, as well as 128 chromatic dragons


Approximately 150,000 soldiers dead, alongside 66 metallic dragons dead
Approximately 52,000 dragonborn soldiers and 49,000 other soldiers died, alongside 101 chromatic dragons


To push out Draconic kind from the Kingdom's borders
Defeat Valer either through surrender or by capturing the capitol city

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