Ser'Turven Alemar

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The Divine Scholar


2401 TH - 2424 TH
  Ser'Turven was born in the year 2401 TH, in the Southern Dune Sea, in a small town amongst the sands of history. His family, a once great noble wizard house of the Kingdom of Auruvia, had fled to this area in search of knowledge; and, along the way they gave birth to Ser. His early life was not very eventful. He helped his family in their pursuit of knowledge, and occasionally explored the ruins of Zracar. History itself was not very interesting to Turven, yet it was pushed down his throat by his family, alongside magical teachings. He would be a disgrace in the eyes of his family to not follow in the way of magic like his forefathers before him, and so he did.  
His life was the same until the age of 23. It was at this time that a powerful warlock came visiting the ruins of Zracar for the same reason as his family. Their were disputes, and eventually conflict. Unfortunately, the warlock, Mavadius Guxik was stronger than his parents... Not sure of what to do, Ser'Turven fled...

Discovered Purpose

It was in this grief and anger that Ser'Turven learned the power of harmful lust for knowledge and power. He did not want to destroy history, merely be the master of it, so no one need cause harm to get it. However, his cause was not so noble at first... He wanted vengeance, and he knew the very thing that drove Mavadius to kill his family would be how he killed him. It was in these moments of planning that Turven began to feel a presence grow within him. At the time he did not know what this presence was, but later would come to find, for whatever reason, Mandos, the All-Knower had chosen him to be their Idol...   One of the few cases where someone became an idol after birth...

The Draconian Blood War



2443 TH - 2711 TH  
In the time leading up to the war, Ser'Turven spent his time writing about the history of Etherlen, while also progressing his magical abilities. Both seemed to work in tandom with one another. As he uncovered more about this world's history he also found ancient tomes holding years of magical knowledge. He also became a close acquaintance of many of the high wizards around the world.

The War

2712 TH - 2784 TH  
When the war began, Ser'Turven knew his time had come. This was his opportunity to right the wrongs of the past. Naturally he sided with the Kingdom of Valer, supplying them with what information he could offer. He was not very present in the actual conflicts and battles, more so a watcher from the sidelines merely observing. As quickly as it started, the war after many decades was reaching its end. It was in one of the last battles, the Siege of Pastlight, Ser'Turven made his move. After Mavadius' forces had been weakened and the warlock himself rendered defeated, Ser'Turven cast an inexplicably evil spell, ending Mavadius' life as well as his afterlife. This move greatly upset the leaders of Valer, as they wished to hold Mavadius prisoner... However, Ser'Turven was unfullfilled. This moment was suppose to heal his grief; but alas, he only felt more empty...

The Secular Heralds

2785 TH - Present
After the war, Ser'Turven became a recluse. He entered a deep depression and state of reflection for a few decades. It was in this reflection he discovered he was an Idol to Mandos, and so he reached out to the divine being. Luckily for him, he responded, and Ser'Turven found a new sense of purpose. He found comfort in the divine's words, and agreed to help push the divine's will. The now great scholar continued his pursuit of lost knowledge and continued to write about it all.
As his stores of books grew alongside his reknown, he would be contacted by an organization he had never heard of, the Secular Heralds. Their purpose and intent for the world interested Ser'Turven, and he agreed to help give them the information they seeked. After many years of back and forth conversation Ser'Turven would join the Heralds in keeping balance in Etherlen.
Chaotic Good
Year of Birth
2401 504 Years old
Dim Green Eyes
Short Brownish White Hair and Beard
Mandos, the All-Knower
Aligned Organization

Being an Idol

Due to Ser'Turven being an Idol, he has been granted Immortality, in the sense that age cannot end his life. He is also fueled with divine energy given to him by his deity Mandos. This gives Ser'Turven certain abilities that enhance his already impressive prowess as a mage. However, being an Idol does not come without its drawbacks. If he wishes to keep his divines powers he must continue to act in favor to his deity. In addition, being an Idol places a larger target over him. More sinister individuals may wish him dead, or want access to his stores of knowledge...
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New Horizons

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