The Ralis (/ˈrælɪs/)

The Prince of the Seas

Made for the 2021 Shipwright Challenge
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He's the fastest ship built by Hylian hands, no doubt about it. 'course, some of that Zoral magic metal didn't hurt in it's construction!
Antuul, Shipwright
  One of three ships constructed for use by the Zora for trade and rescue, as well as a stop-gap for the Hylian Army in dealing with water-based threats. The Ralis, being the smaller and quicker of the three ships, is built from Silverscale and Lauerlite Wood which makes it sturdy yet lightweight.


Unlike its siblings, The Ruto and the The Dorephan, the Rallis relies solely on its three Lateen Sails and singular Square Sail to harness coastal winds to carry it up and down the Eastern Coast. In times of opposing or dead wind, all three ships are equipped with a Fincutter, which allows them slower, but continuous movement through the water. For the Rallis, this is manually powered, requiring a minimum of four Zora in order to maintain an 8km/h speed in rough current. The Ruto and Dorephan are equipped with a Guardian Core which powers the Fincutter and allows it to keep a solid 10km/h speed in similar conditions, though at great fuel expense.

Armor and defense

The outer skin of the Rallis is made of double-layered Silverscale, which helps it cut through the water as well as give it a hard armor coating as durable as Hylian Scale. Beyond this initial durability, the Zoral ship uses its agility and speed to outrun any threat.
The Ralis, Artist Rendering
The Rallis by PatheticBarrel
Currently, a basic sketch of what the Ralis could look like. Note the three Lateen (45°) Masts. Now with Mechanical Fish Tail!
The Rallis
Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
Minimum of seven crewmembers.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Can carry up to 130000kg or a total of 50 Hylian passengers
Set Sail
20 Rowarum 328
New Technologies
The design and building of the Ralis led to the implementation of several new technological improvements, such as the Fincutter, Woodscaling and improvements in general shipbuilding. As such, both Hylians and Zora can build larger, more seaworthy vessels.

The Prince of the Seas

The Ralis is named for the twelfth Kadast of the Zora, who according to legend traveled the entirety of Hyrule by foot in order to save the Ancient Zora's Domain from ruin over 30,000 years ago. Ever since, Ralis has been seen as a paragon of exemplary courage, wise leadership, and inner strength. To Kadast Sidon, it made simple sense to name the Domains first sea vessel after the legendary prince and his ancestor.

Built for Trade

As Hyrule began it's centuries long work of rebuilding after the Calamity, Zora's Domain began to intercept multiple groups of raiders entering into the seas surrounding the continent. Unable to intercept solely on numbers alone, the Zora sent a request to the Royal Family: Provide us a ship with which to defend your borders. After talks between the two nations, they decided to build three ships. One would be built to be smaller, a vessel to scout out approaching visitors and move quickly away under the truthful guise of being a merchant vessel, while the other two would be larger, stronger vessels for defending the shore towns and ports. It would take the combined efforts of the two nations five years to design and build the ship, combining Hylian traditional methods and Zoral sense of movement through and of nature.  

Weathering the Wrath of Cyclosa

A mere week into its first voyage the Ralis and a complement of five Hylian vessels, set aside for training and examination of the new ship, were caught in a sudden storm. So far untrained in manning the ship through a tempest, the Zora aboard the Ralis instinctively dove into the water where they could better outrun the weather. This left the new vessel manned only by three Hylians. The training ships were quickly tossed aside by the storm, three of them capsizing. If not for the Zora that had abandoned the Ralis and their quick assessment of the situation all three crews, about 100 men in total, would have been lost.  
With many more men added to the remaining two Hylian vessels and to the Ralis, a resolute determination came through the complement. For one Zora, this was invigorating, driving him to lead his own people back on to the boats to assist. Through harsh weather over two days the Zora learned how to get the Ralis through a storm with courage being able to apply their own understanding of the waves and currents to the Hylians instruction. As well, the Hylians saw first hand how efficiently the Zora could rescue those they would have deemed doomed to the abyss of the sea.
No man sent up a prayer, at least not that I could hear, but everyone was quick to find a place to be, a role to play in ensuring every remaining ship stayed above the waves. If these Hylians were so fiercely determined after being pulled from death where my own people had faltered at the first sign of trouble... Then truly we could stand beside them. As one, we could learn what to do instead of being fearful.
Jirim, Captain of the Domain Guard
The Ralis
A top-down map of The Ralis at sea.

Designed for Warfare

With testing of both the ship and it's crew completed, the Ralis took to regular patrols along the Eastern Coast. With it's unique presence, trade between Akkala and Faron flourished unimpeded. Additionally, the construction of Port Hateno was able to begin, providing ships with a safe harbor, and a first point of trade with overseas merchants. This was in no small part due to the Ralis being able to spot, engage with, and disengage from unfriendly vessels and warn other ships quickly by deploying messengers out quickly from the ship. With the finalization of the Dorephan and Ruto, the Ralis became capable of bringing to bear a heavier military might to would-be raiders and pirates. A number of invaders have since been successfully dissuaded from returning, leaving only more local, craftier threats in the region. While all three ships do their best to handle these local pirates, their primary goal is protecting Hyrule's shores from outsiders.

Cover image: by [user:PatheticBarrel]


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