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The Perch

The Perch refers to a region is the western end of the Norsskia Issleas. This region is controlled by the Nosejō Erwā and has been a haven to any oppressed race in Pangeria. Its name comes from the abundance of bird species that migrate between the region and Awis Island. The region is divided into two different areas, the lowlands and the Bulwark.

Cities of the Lowlands:

The Cities of the Lowlands are home to the majority of the population in the Perch. Large ports and farming communities dot the region in-between marshlands and grasslands.


The Capital city of Ishmir is the largest city of the region and is home to over 1.4 million people of all races. The city has stood for over a thousands years and has beacon for any who is oppressed.


Kunsa is the largest farming community of the region and grows a majority of the regions food. Constructed up river of Ishmir, the community is easily able to ship grain and other food downstream to the capital.


Kamara is a large port and fishing town that supplies food to both White Stone Harbor and the Castles of the Bulwark. Trade with White Stone Harbor has made the town extremely wealthy.


The port city of Alaras is a large trade port and home to the largest military shipwright of the nation.

White Stone Harbor

White Stone is home to the largest college and library in the world. The college is a fortified masterpiece that is said to rival some of the greatest military forts or castles of the world. White Stone is controlled by the Archmages and stands independent from the Nosejō Erwā. However this independence comes with a high price tag.


The city of Kolan is built at the base of the Hasara Mountains and home to some of the finest craftsmen of the nation. Ore mined from the mountains is refined and crafted before being shipped out to all ends of the Perch.  

Castles of the Bulwark:

Three castles are connected by a series of stone walls that span the border of the territory controlled by the Nosejō Erwā. They are known as the Bulwark, the last bastion of defense from the Nations of Man. Outside the walls of the Bulwark, the open grasslands are constantly patrolled to warn the castles of invading armies. 


The castle of Azmir stands at the western end of the Bulwark. Along side the castle stands a port and city that has grown over the centuries. Similar to the other castles, the surrounding city hugs against the wall and spans several miles along the wall rather than expanding towards the lowlands. 


The castle of Teshmir stands at the center of the Bulwark overlooking the Mir Estuary. Unlike the other two castles, the city has expanded on both sides of the wall. The outer city reaches to the shores of the Mir Estuary and is home to a large fishing community. The community is made up of a tent city that moves inside the safety of the walls when invading armies are reported. 


Veshmir stands the eastern end of the Bulwark and overlooks the only area of the Eugris River that is shallow enough for armies to cross. South of the castle the river opens up into waterfalls that fall over high cliff sides overlooking White Stone Sea.
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