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White Stone Harbor

At the inner most part of Albhos Bay lies a one of the largest stone structures in the world. White Stone Harbor is an impressive structure that stands over three hundred feet tall at its highest point. The structure is home to the largest college and library in the world. The college is a fortified masterpiece that is said to rival some of the greatest military forts or castles of the world. During the Bloodletting, the Archmagis feared the Order would view their collection of works from around the world as heretical, so the Archmagis decided to design a college that could act as a fortress to defend the priceless knowledge they had collected. In more recent years, the colleges defensible abilities has protected it from nations looking to reclaim their ancestors lost works.


The college is overseen by a council of 12 scholars who are masters of their field. These scholars hold the office for a 5 year term before a vote is held to elect a new council. Each approved scholar is granted the ability to not only vote for a new council but also to join the council. In recent years it was established that no council member could hold the seat for more than 1 term every 20 years.


The walls of the college measure up to thirst feed deep and are home to a garrison of 4,000 soldiers. Where the walls converge on the bay, a watch tower was constructed to  overlook the bay to search for any invading armies. 

Guilds and Factions

The Company

The Company have a large presence in the port town that is adjacent to the college. The harbor not only offers a transfer point between Antaauustret and the Norsskia Issleas, but the colleges connections with the Bank of Kampala protects their ships from outside forces. 


The Ersajo have a large presence within the college. After the college was constructed, the Archmagis quickly took to establishing themselves as not only the largest college but also as the leading experts in all fields. This caught the eye of the Ersajo who are always searching for new knowledge. In exchange for hundred of books and scrolls the Archmagis agreed to allow the Ersajo to have a wing of the college to operate out of. 


560 - 300 BEM

During the Bloodletting, a group of scholars that followed the armies of the Order as they pillaged and murdered tens of thousand of elves. In the wake of their destruction, the scholars searched the towns and villages and collected all manners of book, scrolls, artifacts and other objects of value. Midway through the Bloodletting, the scholars had amassed a vast amount of artifacts and knowledge. Fearful that the Order might view their collection of works as heretical, the Archmagis loaded their collected and traveled south away from the reach of the Order. They settled where the Kerwos River met Albhos Bay and began construction on a college to house the priceless artifacts.

300 - 290 BEM

The college and its massive walls took almost ten years to build. During the construction, the inner college was first built first as books and artifacts were still coming in from around the continents. For the first three years they had to continue to expand the libraries as more scholars continued to arrive. Eventually construction of the walls began, the walls were designed to be able to house a large garrison without needing to house the troops within the college grounds. As construction finished, the walls had a depth of almost thirty feet. 

50 EM

Sometime around 50 EM, the Nosejo Erwa sent a request to the Archmagis at White Stone to return anything that was taken from the elves during the Bloodletting. For several weeks the request remained unanswered. Eventually the Nosejo sent an army of 8,000 soldiers to once again request the return of any artifacts and documents that were taken. When the army arrived, they were greeted by the Archmagis who immediately offered the Nosejo free and unsupervised access to the works. However they stated that the works were not stolen and were property of the college. Insulted by the offer, the Nosejo laid siege to the college for several months. As the year came to an end, on the first Sol of the new year, the Nosejo were greeted by a force of 10,000 Kampalans who had come at the request of the college. With threats to bar the Nosejo from the Ausom standard, they withdrew.

Founded: 300 BEM


Estimated Population: ~250,000

National Territory
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Owning Organization

Libraries in White Stone

Within the college there are several libraries separated throughout almost a dozen buildings. Many buildings are singularly used for the study of works from a single region and house not only a library but also the scholars who research that specific region or culture.
by mr_nick
Tomes from the libraries of the Frons & Duish
Its common for the buildings or libraries to to be aesthetically similar to the home region of the works.
by phasmageist
Works taken from the burning homes of the elves
by ruedystacher
Works sent from the far reaches in the east

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