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In the southwestern end of the Norsskia Issleas at the edge of the wetlands lies the capital city of Ishmir. The city has stood for over a thousands years and has beacon for any who is oppressed. When the tribes of man began to form kingdoms of their own, the Kishta could sense a change in the winds. The kingdoms of man began to slowly separate themselves from the tribes of elves. With fear of an impending threat they warned the other tribes and looked to flee before conflict arose. Their words fell on dead ears, so the Kishta packed their belongings and fled. They moved south until they reached the sea. Overlooking the cliffs they began construction on what would be later named Ishmir.


The city of Ishmir has a very diverse population with nearly a quarter of the population ever changing as people resettle throughout the region. The make up of the more stable population is dived between the Kishta, Duish, Nehmo & Noorskins. The Kishta make up over 60% of the permanent population throughout the city. The Duish and the Nehmo each make up 15% of the population with the Noorskins accounting for the remaining 10%. A large portion of the Duish population are employed by the Company, who have a strong presence in the cities port district. The Nehmo population was originally smaller as it was part of a diplomatic delegation sent by the Srwos Nemos to improve relations. Over the years many Nehmo moved to the city. The first Noorskins that came to the city fled the grasslands when the Golden House of Volkov rose to power. Many fled when the first banners of the newly founded Norsskia Empire rose up.


At the center of the city lies a consulate that is home to the Nosejo Erwa's government, known as the Shepard's. Citizens throughout the Free Lands vote for three different representative factions to govern themselves. Each factions elects 10 members to act as representatives for a term of 5 years. Within the consulate the Shepard's hold votes and meetings to decide different matters.


The city is divided into to different walled areas that are connected by roads lines by small farms. 

The Ishmir Center

The Ishmir Center is the main city that is home to the permanent residents of the city and the Nosejo Erwa's government center. The center is surrounded by a 25ft wall with several battlements lining the walls. The city has stone paved roads and a system of aqueducts that run down from the river to the north. 

The Swans Nest

The Swans Nest is home to a ever moving population of refugees and people looking for a new start. The city is also surrounded by a wall standing at 20ft tall. Many of the homes are not as permanent as the ones found in the city center. The roads are also paved with stones and a smaller aqueduct system runs through the center of the city.

Guilds and Factions

The Company

The Companies presence is only felt throughout the port district and in the Swan's Nest. In the main city, the Company trades in all manners except for slaves. In the Swan's nest, the Company has a monopoly on the transport of refugees looking to leave the city.
Founding Date
775 BEM
~1.4 Million
Location under
Owning Organization

City Garrison

The city has a small garrison divided between the city center and the Swan's nest consisting of 8,000 Red Hawks. 

Standing Fleet

The city is also home to half of the Nosejo Erwa's fleet, with the other half stationed to the north at Azmir. The fleet consists of 70 warships and 20 raiding ships. Somewhere around 3,000 Razorbills are stationed alongside the fleet.

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