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The Dominion of Silence

The Dominion were once a faction within the Order of the White Sun until Albena the Silent broke away from the nation. She believed that Guiscard the Holy wasn't doing enough to fight the Old Gods and the creatures they unleased upon the continents. While they still maintain an alliance with The Order, they are a separate entity.

Heads of Government

Albena the Silent

She is revered not only as a New Gods but also as the Queen of The Dominion. Her word is law, No man may question her.

The Six Marshal of Drav

Below Albena there are six marshals that are granted governance of the six districts of Drav. These marshals manage the day to day aspects of the districts and must adhere to any law or decree set by Albena.

The Six Districts of Drav


Marshal: Damyan Dragov
The district of Ruse is home to the capital city of The Dominion with the same name. Located at the northern tip of Nog Hhreud, the citadel stands watch over the northern trade routes.


Marshal: Boris Genov
Home to half a dozen ports and shipwrights, the district of Sovar is the seafaring hub of The Dominion.

The Burg

Marshal: Geno Dragov
The Burg is made up of several settlements that are connected by bridges that span the Twin Lakes in northern Nog Hhreud.


Marshal: Ilija Lazarov
Home to the remaining quarter of The Dominions agriculture, The district of Sonik also shares the eastern border with the Forsaken Knights. Sharing the border with the Forsaken Knights has created countless issues with refugees that travel upriver from Rotter to Devo.


Marshal: Malina Petrov
The District of Zadiv runs the full length of the southern border of The Dominion and The Order. The district is the largest of the six and is home to 75% of the agriculture of The Dominion. The district is also home to some of the highest tax rates within The Dominion with all the trade that moves through the southern border.


Marshal: Yoana Cvetkov
The district of Targovo is the smallest of the six district but is also the wealthiest. Many within The Dominion with high status or wealth have moved to Targovo to escape the lower classes. Many of the rich that do not live here have second homes within the district.


The Dominion are a religious order that has a culture rooted deep in their faith and hatred of old gods. As an act of faith, Knights of the order take a vow of silence.  

Celebrations of Defiance

Throughout the year throughout Pangeria, there are day when different races and cultures celebrate the Old Gods. On these days The Dominion hold celebrations of defiance. Large banquets are held where they berate and disrespect the Old Gods and their traditions. In some towns they will set fires to sections of forest to show their hatred of earth gods. Some port cities will hold whaling contests, fisherman are rewarded for hunting whales that are either the largest or smallest. This is a way of disrespecting the Gods of the Sea by hunting some of its gentlest creatures. Each city has its own way of celebrating these holidays.


The Knights of Silence are masters of the horse. This has helped them excel in battle and are able to fund the holy order as horse breeders and trainers.

Granted Divine Powers


Unlike The Order, the Knights of Silence view elementals as powerful weapons. Many elementals flee the Order and join the knights as a way to be of service to the New Gods. Within The Order and Knights of Silence there are Fire, Air and Earth Elementals.

Blood Stains the Lands

Powerful Families

Several families within the Dominion were once tribal leaders or warlords of the region before the Order subjucated them hundreds of years ago. Today they hold seats of power and command large parts of the Dominions armies. 
  • The Dragov Family
  • The Cvetkov Family
  • The Petrov Family

Founding Date
240 EM
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Dominion, Knights of Silence
Predecessor Organization
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Species

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