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Nosejo Erwa

Nosejō Erwā or "The Free Lands" is a confederation made up of several tribes of elves, dwarves, and man. United together these tribes offer refuge to any race or species. Before the Bloodletting, the area home to the different tribes spanned from Brightwood Forest all the way down to Ishmir. Following the Bloodletting much of the the territory was lost, today only the region south of Nog's Eye is held by the Nosejō Erwā.


The Free Lands is the only Representative Democracy in Pangeria. Citizens throughout the Free Lands vote for three different representative factions to govern themselves. The power often shifts between the many different factions as they buy, steal and con their way back into power to fuel their different agendas.


The Uzun Family

The Uzun family is one of the oldest elvin families in The Free Lands. After the bloodletting they were the ones to establish the city of Ishmir and spread the word throughout Pangeria that the city was a haven to any race that was a victim of oppression.

The Sons of Ishmir

Founded in the capital city of Ishmir, The Sonso of Ishmir are a collective of elves and dwarves that formed after the rise of The Order to establish more rights and safety for themselves. Many of the dwarves of this faction were outcasts of the Norsskia Empire and sought to find a home for the many dwarves that fled the Empire.

The Esr Commune

The Esr Commune is one of the smaller factions in size within the free lands, but have a high standing among the other factions due to their vast wealth from cattle trade and farming. They have benefited greatly from the blood sacrifices that they preform before every harvest. Unlike The Cult of Esr, these sacrifices are of animals and are far less cruel than the cults sacrifices. Regardless they are often mistrusted and feared due to the close relation. The Commune makes great strives to share their fortune with the less fortunate and often donate to suffering villages and host food kitchens in most Free Land cities.

The Orlov's

The Golden House of the Orlov Family was once the most powerful House on the Norsskia Issleas until Albert Te Bhānús established the Norsskia Woita’s. Much of the family fled west out of fear of the new Tzar. Much of the family fled to the east and form the Eastern Hunters, while . In the Freelands, the Orlov Family is very influential within many of the crafting and mining guilds in the southern isle.

House Reitveld

House Reitveld has long had deep connection in the Freelands, decades after the Bloodletting, The Company quickly looked to establish trade routes with all the newly forming Nations and Free States. House Reitveld knew that roads would be needed so they quickly sent emissaries to the capital. These trade routes would flourish as the different Nations spread out throughout Pangeria.


The Nosejō Erwā are made up of almost a dozen cultures. The People of the Free Lands have come from all across Pangeria looking for a safe place to practice their culture and beliefs.


The Kishta are a tribe of elves that migrated south many years before the Bloodletting. Due to their close relations with the Frons and Duish of the region their beliefs are less fervent than other races of elves. While they do pray to the Goddess of the Sea and the Bringer of the Sun, they abandoned the Bringer of the Moon as many of his followers traditions were too barbaric for the Kishta. 


The Duish of the region have held their faith in the Goddess of the Sea where many others have abandoned her for the New Gods. While the Duish only make up a small part of the regions population, a majority of them work for the Company or other smaller trade companies. 


The Indwos are one of the newest groups to the region. They sailed through the Bay of Sorrows and Shipwrecks Straight in search of new trade partners. When they came across the Nosejo Erwa, many stayed behind in hopes of spreading their faith. Today they have become a popular faction within the nation. 


The Norskins within the nation come from the Norsskia Empire. Many were from the Golden House Orlov. 


After The Bloodletting there was uneasiness throughout the continents as the newly formed nations of man searched the lands for elves. Many different races feared they would be next, those who gave shelter to the elves knew they were not safe. With their future uncertain, a few races gathered to establish a free state where all races were safe under their rule.

A Rose Among Thorns

Founding Date
790 BEM
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
The Freelands
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

Military Forces

The Red Hawks

The Red Hawks is one of the largest military forces within the Nosejo Erwa. Their main function is to defend the borders of the nations territories and to garrison the three castle at the border. Their uniforms differ from the main military force as they don a red sash over their armor and have a red plume on their helmets. Their name and uniform colors come from the Red Hawks that are native to the region. 

White Falcons

The White Falcons are the main fighting force of the Nosejo Erwa. The don white cloaks and are highly trained in all manners of weapons. Every soldier is both skilled in hand to hand combat and ranged combat. They are known to switch between weapons based on the geography of a battle field. Generals of any White Falcon force is trained to adapt to the changes of a battlefield. 

The Raven Guard

The Raven Guard is the royal guard for the governing factions of the Nosejo Erwa. Similar to the other branches of the military, the Raven Guard don black cloaks and black plumed helmets. 


The Razorbills are made up of sailors and marines that serve in the Nosejo Erwa's navy.

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