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House Mlakar

House Mlakar is the oldest House of the Travgin Commonwealth. Their founding even predates the Free Lords of Travign. House Mlakar has long been known for being fierce warrios of immense pride. For many years they were beloved by the commoners as they ruled over their holds with respect and honer. It was under Lord Doman that House Mlakar's influence and standing with the King and the commoners reached a breaking point. Many within the family were accused of treason and pushed from the mainland. Quickly the acusations were found to be false but the damage had been done. With their pride wounded, the family would take to the Shallows and sail south west until they reached the Shell Islands. Currently, House Mlakar is one of the six High Houses that oversees the commonwealth under the King.

Notible Family Members

Lord Doman "Lord of the Crows"

During the early years of the Travgin Commonwealth, they were pushed from the mainland by several of the other High Houses. The family would take to the Shallows and sail south west until they reached the Shell Islands. Here is where they built a small fort that connected two of the largest islands of the area. Eventually pirates would find their growing fort and began to raid them. After House Mlakar had not been heard from for several years, King Iztok sent an emmisary to the Shell Islands to find them. After recently surviving a failed cou from several of the High Houses he needed men around him he could trust. The emmisary would return and report on his findings. "On the islands lies a fort englfed with crows. They pick at the corpses hanging from pikes in the shallow waters around the island. Upon the battlements stands a man with a crow upon his shoulder".

Uros "The Dead"

Uros "The Dead" was a young Lord of the Deadtide that had never lived a health day in his life since he was a child. As a kid he spent all his days in the halls of the fort reading what little books there were. When a visiting deligate from Tasik was vising he came across Uros reading the dying light of the halls. He was impressed by his thirst for knowledge that he offered to help Uros expant the library of the Dreadtide. He would often speak of Uros as "one of the many kings of his life". Uros would read many historical accounts of far off conflicts and was able to convice his father of the books importance. During the reign of Uros, House Mlakar would go on to field the greatest Lord's of War the Confederation had even known.

Svit "Dawn Breaker"

Svit was one of the greatest Lord's of War to come out of House Mlakar. He would earn the name"Dawn Breaker" during a conflict with the Samru Empire. Following a costly defeat that would cost the life of the commanding Lord or War, Svit would quickly rally any who would follow him to counter attack immideatly using the terrain to their advantage. As dawn would break the next day, Svit and his makeshift warband of 3000 warriors, would rally and defeat the remaining 11,000 Samru Troops.  


Founded: 826 BEM
Accused of Treason: 437 BEM
Founded the Deadtide: 431 BEM


The Shell Islands

The Shell Isles are a string of islands that vary is size in the south western end of the Shallows that wrap around Awis Island. Connecting two of the largest islands of the Shells is the Deadtide. Spread throughout the rest of the islands are several large fising townes and dozens of smaller villages.

The Deadtide

The Deadtide is a massive fortress that spans two islands with each side having a castle that overlooks one another. The castles are connected by several large stone bridges. To this day not even the King of the Commonwealth does not know which castle is acutal residence of House Mlakar as they always greet the King on another island that is said to be the summer home of House Mlakar.
Founding Date
926 BEM
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Lord's of the Deadtide
Ruling Organization
Parent Organization
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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