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Travgin Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is situated at the eastern end of Antaauustret and holds Shipwreck Strait. Their geographic location allows them to control large parts of trade through taxes on shipping lanes. Any trade coming down from White Stone Sea must pass through Shipwreck Straight. Historically the Commonwealth has remained neutral in all major conflicts. Their diverse population has allowed them to remain in good standings with most nations.


The king of the Commonwealth was crowned by the High Houses of the region. While the king governs the commonwealth, it is not considered treasonous if a majority of the High Houses rise up to overthrow the king. It is considered the duty of the High Houses to maintain a competent ruler as to keep the region from falling back into chaos.

High Houses

The High Houses are the backbone of the Commonwealth. For years the region was littered with brigands, piracy & war lords. The self named lords of the area decided to band together and establish rule over the lawless area. All of the High Houses are families that were once self proclaimed lords of the mainland.

Lesser Houses

The lesser houses were established by families of the Shallows. These "lesser" houses often took the name of their house from the waters surrounding their islands. The lesser houses were systematically conquered by the first King of the Commonwealth between 132-117 EM.

Travgin Mainland

The Travgin mainland is located at the south eastern end of Antaauustret, unlike the rest of the continent the region has a Mediterranean climate that has allowed the commonwealth to thrive since it was established. On the mainland there are several Castles that were constructed by the original lords of Travgin.
Travgin Mainland
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The Shallows

The Shallows are a series of islands east of the mainland that are almost all connected by shallow waters. Many ships have run aground not knowing the few deep-water shipping lanes of the area. However the ships can be easily freed when the tides turn at Shipwreck Straights pushing back water into the shallows.
The Shallows
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Awis Isles

Or "The Bird Isles" is the largest island in the Bay of Sorrows. Its home to several thousand species of birds and the Travgin Commonwealth have taken great measures to keep much of the island uninhabited. This is large in part due to King Lazar of House Breakwater, as he was fascinated by birds and set a decree that the island was to be left to the birds. Its said that he once sent 15,000 troops and a fleet to an island when he heard rumors that poachers had made a home there.


A rather young nation, The Commonwealth was established as the self proclaimed lords of the area were in constant conflict with brigands, piracy & war lords. In 107 BEM, word was spread for the lords of the area to gather at Castle.

High Houses

House Baier
House Bozic
House Kovac
House Mlakar

Lesser Houses

House Highwater
House Murkwater
House Goldwater
House Breakwater  
Founding Date
132 EM
Geopolitical, Band
Economic System
Market economy
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Important Figures

Alojz Bozic. King of the Commonwealth & Lord of Shipwreck Straight

King Alojz was crowned king on his 22nd birthday. His father had been grooming him to become king since he was a child. Many of the other High Houses supported him as their next king as his father had brought great prosperity during his reign. This came at a crucial time as the previous king had squandered much of the commonwealth's gold reserves.

Eckhart Baier. Lord of the Shallows

Eckhart was a childhood friend of Alojz and eventually became his tutor. He was highly intelligent and this was recognized by Alojz who often kept him close. When Alojz was crowned king, he granted Eckhart the title Lord of the Shallows. While this move made many enemies due to the fact lordship was granted per island. It eventually was seen as a smart one by many. Eckhart was able to revitalize the Shallows and recuperate much of the reserves lost by the previous king.

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