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The Storm

When Farnok, the creator of Algoria, finally caught the murderer of his lover, Ariana, he found that his enemy was another greater lucid like himself. Realizing the power of his enemy he channeled his hatred into a single mass of churning vengeance and anger. He let loose the storm of hate upon his foe, utterly destroying his enemy, he then realized that exacting vengeance did not end his hatred. His anger still fueled the Storm and the Storm's power and size continued to grow. The Storm spread across Algoria, destroying all in its path.   Such a calamity as this easily draws the attention of things greater than man. The deamon lord Algiet saw his opportunity to exploit the helpless world. He used The Storm as a handle to crawl into the world. Once he had penetrated the Outer Ring he unleashed his deamonic hordes upon the helpless people of old Algoria. As a final move, he placed his essence in The Storm, twisting Farnok's hate and turning it into a new tool.   By this point, Farnok had fully fallen from grace. All he did fueled The Storm, the brought more hate into the world. Finally, Algiet committed a single act of mercy by putting an end to Farnok's life.  

Lightning Paths

After Algiet entered The Storm, the lightning in it started behaving differently. Over the course of 5 minutes, lighting would strike in a predictable pattern. Path of lightning formed The Mark a fell symbol of Algiet. This abyssal stain was branded into the earth from years of lightning strikes. Inside the heated glass tranches that the lightning creates are thousands of unhatched deamon eggs and their broody mothers.    
The Storm
A map of The Storm's strange lighting patterns.
Above: a hand drawn map of The Storm's lightning path.

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