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The Five Skies

11794 Earth calendar

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Humanity has long since conquered the stars. Thanks to the stellar slings, space travel from one point of the galaxy to another is merely a matter of decades, no more than a century to reach another galaxy. As they explored the vast space, humans came to face different species, planets teeming with primal life, and contestants for the title of rulers of the galaxy. Nowadays, seven rival races have been exterminated, two integrated with the human diaspora and only one still resists the unstoppable force that is humanity.   As it expanded, the glorious empire of man became brittle and prone to discontent from opposite parts of its territory. Unable to maintain a strong organization, it collapsed into four Domains, each with its own rules and beliefs. They all wish to restore their empire to its former glory. But now that they have diverged too much from their neighbors, supremacy by way of war is the only way.   When the fourth domain prowled too far in the perfection of the machine, a whole sector got engulfed in a mechanical uprising. With the arrival of this final player, the chessboard is set, and the five enemies came to a truce. Eyeing each other, gathering their forces in secret, under false pretense of trade contracts to set up webs of spies, they fool no one. This situation will explode eventually, leaving the galaxy a scorched ground of star corpses.   But now is not the time. For now, there is peace among the Five Skies.  

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Travel the vast space: witness the wonders of the Five Skies
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