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Dismas' Ring

till death do us part

Written by Endrise

It is one of the few times the king of thieves was willing to give rather than take... And it costed his life. Talk about poetic irony.
— Nicolas Sauter

The silver ring belongs to Dismas, forged as a sign of their love for someone. Told about in old legends, it grants the user the hands of the master thief.

Such power makes it sought after by many rogues and thieves alike. Though for others, they seek to bring the artefact finally to his loved one’s grave.

Ring of the Master Thief

A Proposal That never came

Its design is simple: a smooth silver ring made from the purest mineral. A single square ruby adorns it, just large enough to make the monotone colour get complimented with a vibrant red.

The silver used actually comes from Dismas's first silver coins, melted down into the ring’s shape. A supposed sign of his love for Katherine, alongside how the ring gets its powers.

Any person carrying the ring around their finger wields the sleight of hand of Dismas. From hiding and revealing small objects to snatching belongings straight off someone’s body. Their hands become skillful at it, making it impossible to spot with the naked eye.


Long ago, Dismas fell in love with a noblewoman named Katherine, star-struck from the moment they met. Though neither could meet in public, they shared the nights together, keeping their relationship a secret. Until one night.

The king of thieves no longer wished to keep it a secret from the world and made a ring for her. Grabbing his first silver coins ever earned, he melted them down into a ring to propose with and waited until the morning sun to reveal it.

However, before he could ever propose, his second in command betrayed Dismas. Stabbed, they left behind the man to bleed out in his lair as the other fled with his valuables. Including the ring he made. Katherine never learned of his death, assuming he got caught or abandoned her.

Ever since, the ring fell into the hands of many collectors, moving from owner to owner. Waiting to return to Katherine and her descendants.

Item type
Unique Artifact

Forgeries and Lies

With its legends known around many thieves, several forgeries popped up around the continent of Sichelan. Silver rings that mimic the fabled wedding ring, made from the descriptions told in stories. But none wielding the power of Dismas himself.

They belong to the hands of collectors and fabled thieves as a trophy of theirs. Usually to impress other people, making them believe they own the real artefact. Though not all of them know it is a copy as well.

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Cover image: Item Cover by Endrise


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