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Diary of Maritesa

The Truth of Necromancy

Written by Endrise

So many have tried to decipher my research, and all of them failed. The language is dead and the words lost their meaning. But they can try to interpret it.
— Maritesa

Amongst the many artefacts that belong to the Lich deity Maritesa, their Diary is the most sought after. Believed to hold the truths about Lichdom, it is the birthplace of necromancy.

But throughout the eons only a few pages survived in the hands of Liches. Incomplete documents that all lead to an unsolvable puzzle.

The Secrets of Lichdom

Origins of Necromancy

Maritesa's Diary holds the first known documentation of necromancy done by mortal hands. Written down before they became a deity, it holds the knowledge of the Undead. From how they function to how to control it, everything a necromancer would need.

Amongst it pages are dozens of spells, rituals or other practises tied to the school of magic. Knowledge that allows one to control life and death, and surpass it completely.

Raising the Dead

Most of the spells will allow one to raise an army of the dead: skeletons, zombies, even spectres from the Ethereal Veil. All to serve the one who made them.

ruling the living

These spells allow one to control the souls of the living. From necrotic wounds to sapping one's life essence, all to ensure total obedience of those around them.

Defying Death

And lastly there are spells that extends one's own lifespan through Undead means. Lichdom being the most prominent method found in the pages.

Together, the book allow any spellcaster access to dangerous forms of necromancy.

Copied and Pasted

Over the eons, the book came into the hands of many owners, both good and bad. From those seeking to destroy it to those desiring the knowledge of its content. In the end, it became torn apart and lost in the endless conflicts to obtain it.

Through the disciples of Maritesa, copies do survive in the hands of Liches. Though authenticity of these works is questionable as translations make it hard to certify. It also does not help many are encrypted in ciphers, making it hard to even read in the first place.

But whenever pages emerge, many seek to obtain their knowledge. And when they get one, it becomes a hunt to gather the rest. All in an attempt to find the secrets of Maritesa.

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Book / Document
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Truth or Lies

While many assume the pages hold the truth of achieving immortality, some do question their legitimacy. Constant forgeries and rewrites muddle the steps required, alongside the countless translations.

At the same time, some do think Maritesa's original diary notes aren't correct either. They believe instead they are meant to distract or downright kill anyone that seeks immortality as well. A red haring to hide the truth.

But with the originals lost to time, the deity's true intentions with the diary lost as well. One can now only make assumptions on what purpose the pages truly had.

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