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Undying Divinity

Written by Endrise

Elder Lich Maritesa (a.k.a. Deity of The Undead)

Reincarnation is a hoax created by the greater gods to avoid people like you from achieving godhood like me. So do it, become immortal, the world is your oyster!
— Maritesa

One of the few mortals that escaped the reincarnation cycle, Maritesa is the deity of Undead and necromancers alike. Seeking to perfect their status as a Lich, they encourage the search for immortality. Even if it is at the cost of all things redeemable.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Maritesa's goal is to break the cycle of reincarnation and achieve eternal life. As such, they encourage the research into immortality. Whether that be finding genuine methods or perfecting the art of Lichdom. Though she doesn't care how it is achieved.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a decaying Lich, Maritesa's body is depicted in all levels of decay. This can be anything from skeletal remains to a mummified corpse. The only consistent element to their design are their bejeweled eyes. Their garbs exist out of the finest materials, with glittering jewellery covering them. Maritesa's bones even depict arcane runes and their own maddening ramblings.

A noticeable trait with all their depictions has to be the lack of a defined gender. Depending on the cult, Maritesa gets depicted to be either male and female, or even in-between. Although not a single one of their sects can determine which one they originally were.

Special abilities

As a necromancer, Maritesa excels at the dark arts, often to a threatening degree. Through decades worth of experience and centuries as a god, they go beyond any mortal caster. With her following, they could raise entire graveyards from the dead or corrode the souls of any living being. And with that, they can extend her necrotic traits to her mortal clerics.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The exact origins of Maritesa have been lost to time itself. Few records remain of their life before ascending into godhood. What people do know that they might've been a formidable necromancer. Possibly unlike any other wizard before them or ever since.

Some say they were a formidable scholar teaching the ways of the first necromancers. Others blame them for bringing forth death and decay with their magic. Others say they were an insane individual that believed death to be ruled and controlled.

Regardless, before they could pass into their new life, they had a backup plan. By turning themselves into a worshipped entity, Maritesa's spirit did not decay. Even to the dismay of Kharon.

Gender Identity

Genderfluid (she/he/they)



Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

For as much as people might consider them as a villain of pure malice, they are also a very understanding person. Even with how chaotic or corrupt their intentions can't be, Maritesa lets any mortal willing to call upon them talk.

Vices & Personality flaws

The downside is that Maritesa is willing to go all out to succeed with their plans of eternal life. As such, if it means the sacrifise of millions, they won't refuse to achieve their goal. Even their own followers are said to be but pawns in the grand scheme. Only the one who can achieve everlasting immortality might be considered worthy.



Nemesis (Trivial)

Towards Kharon




Nemesis (Trivial)

Towards Maritesa




Kharon and Maritesa first met on the shore of the Lachende River. There, the Undead deity, recently deceased, witnessed the ferryman arrive to bring them to their next life. Rather than entering the boat, Maritesa refused, sitting down onto the shore.

Confused, Kharon kept insisting, as Maritesa was one of the first to be so thoriugh with their decision. The dicussion continued over days, as Kharon ferried other souls in the meantime. But the Lich refused every time, each time less willing in their tone.

Annoyed, Kharon stepped out the vessel to try and drag them in, only for Marita to grab him by the arm. In moments, the Undead's touch withered away the stone skin of the ferryman, making the deity scream in pain.

To avoid further spread, he broke off their arm with his oar, fleeing back onto the vessel before Maritesa could reach him. Through cussing and shouting, he swore to get them onto the vessel some day. In response, Maritesa swore they'll never set foot on that vessel until they are the last soul to pass.

Ever since, the two watch one another from the shore of the Lachende River as Kharon carries away the recently deceased. On some occasions, often when a cult of Maritesa falls, he tries to convince the Lich, but to no avail.

Area of Concern
Undead, necromancers, liches
Divine Symbol
The forearm & hand of a skeleton
Freedom, Magic, Undead
Favoured Weapon
Barbed Spear

Chaotic Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand Lich
God of Undead
Grand Master of all Necromancers
They who seek Eternal Life
Actual Diamonds
White, balding on top
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bone White

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