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Boiler Crab

Head-resistant Hothead

Written by Endrise

So it is true: crabs are the final evolution of all things.
— Biologist

Amongst the intense heats of the Boiling Depths reside many small species that have evolved to endure both the pressure and the heat itself. Amongst such species is the Boiler Crab, a particular crustacean adapted to endure such environments with relative ease.

Basic Information


The Boiler Crab is a relatively small but immensively heavy variant of the common crab found all over. What sets it apart from other types is its relative heft to its body size, caused by the shell it possesses.

Boiler Crabs have a shell that's laced with large quantities of metals caused by their diets. As such, their shells have a rocky exterior consisting of metallic chunks, coloured in everything from metallic silver to rust orange.

Ecology and Habitats

Boiler Crabs live near hydrothermal vents where it feeds off the sealife living around it. However, it only goes out near the vents whenever it needs to feed. When away, it tries to cool itself back off, taking in water to cool the insides of its shell.

They also prefer to live at the depths of oceans, being unsuitable for lower pressures. Some do show up closer to the surface, although living samples are scarce.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Boiler Crabs thrive on the life found near hydrothermal vents, but they aren't picky eaters in the slightest. When possible, they'll eat just about everything they can grab: sponges, shrimps, small fish, even other crabs that they can get their claws on.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some aquatic races do repurpose the shells from Boiler Crabs to make heat-resistant plating for their shields and tools. Others prefer to use their shell to create a type of makeshift pot, used to boil things over the thermal vents. Some races even eat boiler crabs this way by letting them boil in their own shell.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most species of Boiler Crabs can be found living at the Boiling Depths, although they do exist all over wherever hydrothermal vents might exist.

10 years
Average Height
20 centimetres
Average Weight
up to 10 kilograms
Geographic Distribution

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Cover image: Goldgreen Set - Creatures Fish Cover by Vertixico


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jul, 2021 17:31

"crabs are the final evolution of all things." Exactly XD   I remember the discussion about their biology on discord and I like what you have here in the end, seems logical to me :D

Feel free to check my ship challenge article.