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The most recluse and to some, the most dangerous, of the fairfolk. Both powerful and wise, the humans are wary of the fairies.   Sidhe's have a multitude of variances. The gentry fairies are most human like, with small pointed ears and large insectoid wings. Some sidhe's however have darker more sinister features. Fairies appearances can change when they become enraged. Their eyes widen, and their teeth become fanged.   Like the Goblins, the fairies also have immortal life spans. They do not need to eat food or water and eat purely for the pleasure. Instead their energy comes from the magic around Aigea. They are battle ready and very talented in magic. Despite their great prowess in both magic and combat, they are subject to a server weakness to iron, which burns through the flesh of fairies. This only affects fairies and none of the other fairfolk, though no one knows why this is.   Not much is known about sidhe society. It is known that they are ruled by a Fairy Queen. As with all fairfolk, they are recluse and their interactions with human society has been limited, though they have displayed neither fondness or dislike for humans. They are however very secretive. Any fairfolk who have been made folkless have been maimed to preserve their secrecy. This usually means their tongues are removed.   The sidhe have only one small domain within Enther known as Vaner’s Forrest. No one other than sidhes have ever stepped foot within the forest. To the rear of the forest there is a land peak which drops straight into the dark sea below.
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