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The dwarves are a segregated group of fairfok which does not have a domain within Enther. They are short stocky humanoids, known for their prowess in building and creation. Dwarven men are distinguishable by their thick beards and body hair, thick set bodies, and their deep relationship with the minerals of Aigea.     Though they have no domain in Enther, they can take residence as folkless in Enther, usually found at blacksmith and markets trading their wares. There are very few dwarves in Enther, and even some humans are not aware of their existence.   The dwarven kingdom or Eire is found in the Entherlands. It is also known as the Kingdom of Stone. The surface of the Kingdom does not span far, but the underground Kingdom spans for hundreds of miles. Only the dwarves know the true size of the kingdom. They are miners, finding stones and minerals of all kinds to create structures, weapons and jewellery of great excellence.   Eire is said to be impenetrable, and it is believed that the dwarves fled into their kingdom and sealed the doors while the great war waged. As punishment for their refusal to fight, they were stripped of any rights to set up a domain in Enther.   The dwarves are ruled by a council of dwarven merchants. They once had been ruled by a monarchy, but this has since been abolished in favour of the council.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
Average Physique
Short, broad and hairy.
Geographic Distribution
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