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The Council of Eire


The Council of Eire is made up of representatives of the 20 most powerful houses in Eire. Each of these houses has an equal vote in all laws of Eire, however many of these laws can take months or even years to pass due to the toxic relationships and agendas each household has.   The head of each house represents the family in the council. A houses place in the council is not guaranteed and houses have been removed over the centuries as they have fallen into disarray and new houses have taken their place.


After hundereds of years under tyranical kings, the great houses of Eire rebelled against their king and dethroned him. From there, they organised themselves into a council where each house gets an equal vote.
Government, Leadership
Government System
Democracy, Representative
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Notable Members
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Council Members

Lord Bundruck  
Lord Thorenfal  
Lord Garenwell  
Lord Furendell  
Lord Stoneyell  
Lady Sigonway  
Lady Hammerheft  
Lord Oakthoth  
Lord Dampmount  
Lord Pomgranite  
Lady Irenday


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