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Elves are the most common race of fairfolk. They out of all the fairfolk are the ones who more closely resemble humans. The are generally smaller than the average human. They are usually slender bodied with sharp features. Their eyes are large and angular, with pointed ears. They are considered to be attractive creatures, with some taking on folkless elves as servants and bed slaves.   Though they are recluse and stay within their domain like most of the fairfolk, they are considered to be the easiest and most social domain to interact with. The relationship with the human kingdom has been turbulent but has remained mostly peaceful. Within the fairfolk, the elves have had land disputes with the Orcs, whose domains boarder each other and they despise the Goblins.   Elves have longer life spans than humans, generally lasting a couple of hundred years. Like humans, they have some degree of magical powers. However, unlike Fairies and Goblins, not all elves inherently have magical abilities. The ones who do are considered the leaders of the Elven domains, with their leader known as the Elder.   The Elven domain in Enther is known as Ailill, sometimes referred to as the Plains of Beauty. Humans are not permitted to enter the plains without an elven escort. There is only one entrance into Ailill known as the Gates of Ailill.   The elves are peaceful people. They are however expert hunters and their warriors are well skilled. Elven weapons are crafter with steel and a blessed wood taken from trees which only grow in the plains of Ailill. Elven halflings are generally viewed as outcast by both human and elven society. Some halflings can pass as one of the respective races and keep their heritage a secret but known halflings are generally shunned by the full-blooded kin.
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