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Halflings are a small race that inhabit the hills of Tolpereth.

Their settlements are primarily agricultural, with most families having an extensive garden for their own needs, in addition to “cash” crops and livestock. The gardens are often terraces on the hill that the family occupies. The majority of Halflings are farmers. Though some hunting is done, it is more recreational than necessary.

The society is rural, with no cities or towns, but having many small villages clustered closely together. Their dwellings are holes dug out of the hills, and some can be quite extensive. These holes are long tunnels with comfortable rooms off each side. Rooms that are close the side of the hill will have windows, and all rooms are well lighted, ventilated, and heated. As a general rule, the larger and more complex the “hole”, the larger and more wealthy the family.

There are three tribes, the Stouts, the Tallfellows, and the Harfoot.

Halflings worship the The Great Powers, and consider Kuduko to be their patron.

Finally, a word must be said about Halfling Hounds. Halflings love their dogs, even more than humans. But where human dogs range in size, shape, and breed, Halfling Hounds are almost invariably a type of Mastiff, ranging 150 to 200 lbs.of loyal muscle and drool when full grown. They are used as working animals- guardians, shepherds, pack animals, riding animals, even draft animals on occasion. The Tolpereth Halfling Canine Cavalry fielded by the High King of Tolpereth is a well known and respected/feared scouting and skirmishing force.

Basic Information


Halflings are anthropomorphic in appearance, averaging two and half to three and a half feet in height, with tough soled feet covered with hair. As a result, they rarely wear shoes except during extreme weather. As a general rule, Halflings are very quick, dexterous, and have excellent hand-eye coordination. Their average lifespan is about twice that of humans. There is less sexual dimorphism than with humans, with a male to female ratio that is close to equal.

Biological Traits

There is only one population, with the differences between the three tribes being more cultural than physical.

Ecology and Habitats

Halflings strongly prefer underground dwellings in areas of rolling hills.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

There are approximately 11,000 Halflings in Kementari, in small villages in the Kingdom of Tolpereth and the Kalenish Principalities.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Halflings have achieved a late medieval level of technology.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Halflings prefer close spaces, and are uncomfortable in dwellings above ground level. The basic social unit is the extended family, with multiple generations living in the same household. As a general rule, halflings will expand their hole rather than move out. Halfling culture is patriarchal, with the wife moving into the hole of the husband’s family.

The major unit of government in Halfling society is the village council, made up of elders. They often appoint one of their number as a council representative to attend to day to day administration of the village, but this representative acts only with the consent of the council. This type of structure has been expanded upwards to fit the social requirements of the humans that exercise political and military control over the hills where the Halflings reside. Groups of villages in a human barony will send another representative from the village council to a “Moot”, where a “Sheriff” is elected to deal with the feudal obligations required by the local human baron. The Sheriff acts with the full consent of the Moot, and can levy troops for policing the area or for protection as needed. The Sheriff is also responsible for collecting any revenues due to the local human lord.


Halflings are native to Tolpereth , and were settled on the island when the Elves started their settlements there after the flight from Minyabar.

Common Myths and Legends

The Wolf Rider

Scientific Name
Homo Pastorialis
Average Height
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

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