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The Wolf Rider

There was once a Kuduk who came into a village, riding a large wolf. The Wolf Rider taught the village how to domesticate the wolf to serve the Kuduk people, as mounts, servants, guardians, protectors, companions, and family. When the Big Folk came, those descendants of the Wolf Rider and his companion are what allowed the Kuduk people to be their partners- not their slaves. The descendants of those early wolves are the Halfling hounds that continue their legacy to this very day.


The Wolf Rider taught Halflings to domesticate wolves (and to breed them into the Halfling hounds), and started the Halfling partnership with large dogs.


This mythological character is common to all the Halfling settlements in Kementari.

Date of Setting
The legends of the Wolf Rider existed deep in Halfling culture when they were first encountered by Humans
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